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Beyond Bank supports the 2015 SALA Festival

Beyond Bank is proud to partner with the 2015 South Australia Living Arts (SALA) Festival.

SALA is a state wide festival that supports and promotes South Australian living visual artists. The festival works to share the art of these amazing artists with a broader South Australian audience.

The arts inform and enrich the communities we are all a part of. Creative thinking provides an avenue for innovation. It cultivates another way of seeing this world; it challenges and celebrates our current environment, helping our culture and society to reflect, develop and grow.

We feel that supporting creativity in our community is an important part of our cultures sustainability. We are proud to partner with SALA and hope this partnership will support the amazing work this festival does for our local arts community.

The SALA Festival promotes and supports over 600 exhibitions and arts events for the state and encourages over 500,000 attendees to visit these exhibitions and events.

This amazing event, held in South Australia over the month of August, is bought together by lots of hard working people but most notably two amazing women; Penny Griggs, the Festival General Manager and Kate Moskwa the Program Coordinator.

Both Penny and Kate have been in the arts industry for most of their careers, with Penny being in the industry for more than 20 years and Kate for over 10 years, starting out as a volunteer at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Becoming a key part of bringing this Festival together has been really rewarding for them both; enjoying the positive feedback from artists and the audience and enjoying the very active arts community here in South Australia.

We asked Penny and Kate what they feel SALA means to the South Australian arts community?

Penny noted: Since its inception in 1998 SALA has grown to become a much loved event throughout South Australia – for the month of August visual artists are celebrated and acknowledged. Local artists connect with local businesses and audiences. The spotlight is on visual arts for the month which is incredibly important for the artists and their communities. The value of the arts is hard to measure – it goes way beyond economic. It is cultural, social, political and personal. SALA goes some way in demonstrating the value of the arts with participation from kindergarten children to nursing homes, emerging artists to our most established visual artists and everyone in between.

Kate: SALA Festival is a time when visual artists can feel valued and celebrated for their contribution to the broader community. As an open access festival anyone can participate – so it’s a great way for emerging artists to have the opportunity to exhibit alongside established artists in the same program.

Check out the SALA Program Guide to check out some of the amazing events run during the festival. Both Penny and Kate noted that it was hard to pick a favourite event, their list could go on and on!

Some events they have noted to check out are:

  • ‘SALA Gala in the Garden’ on Sunday 16 August
  • Giles Bettison’s exhibition at the JamFactory
  • Geoff Wilson at Samstag and this year’s art tours are expected to be pretty special,
  • The Artist’s Voice forum weekend (22-23 Aug)
  • Open Studios Weekend (8-9 Aug), Kate noting: ‘they are so much fun because you get to glimpse behind the scenes, speak to artists about their work and see work being created– it’s wonderfully voyeuristic!’

You can help further support The SALA Festival by saving your money in a Beyond Bank Community Reward Account, nominating SALA as your community recipient, find out more on our website.

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