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Interview with Emma Hack part 2

Following on from our previous post about the Beyond Bank Arts Program and our interview with Emma Hack, we spoke to Emma was about her creative process:

As I am maturing, ‘why’ seems to be the biggest question alongside how can I create something different that pushes me further in my creative application. I usually create my collections in my mind as I work through them but the original concept is thought through for years before I start a new project.

Emma has a new exhibition running during this years SALA Festival at her gallery in North Adelaide, we chatted with Emma about her upcoming exhibition:

I am really proud of my upcoming SALA exhibition, which sits alongside a wonderful event program at the gallery. I am creating highly detailed, delicate, embroidery works, accompanied by larger than life imagery on my gallery walls created by Atkins, It will look quite amazing!

The work is about Gen Z, a generation of highly-educated, technologically-savvy, innovative thinkers, they look for solutions on their own. Open-minded and adaptable, they are the first generation born into a digital world. My new works consider the possibility of how Gen Z will impact the future of our world and beyond.

I have created 50 smaller works alongside the main works at an affordable price point, collectable for all ages, introducing the muse of the collection to art collecting.

The events at the gallery are designed for everybody, artists, curators, collectors and those curious others:

  • 10th August: ‘In Conversation’ panel discussion with established artists Thom Buchanan, Christopher Orchard and Anna Platten
  • 17th August: Futurist, Kristina Dryza discusses ‘The new global art movement is a mix of aesthetics, performance, ethics, activism, experimentation, media and a blurring of boundaries. Come and hear a global perspective on past, present and possible artistic issues.’
  • 24th August: Angeline Collings speaks on’ Travels through the art world – Collecting for the future’ – De-Mystify the international Art Market and analyse how contemporary art is controlled and collected. Angeline will additionally explore how creatives working in the fields of fashion, music and film have joined forces with leading contemporary artists.

All proceeds with be donated to Guildhouse, further supporting the arts!

Emma Hack Art

Check out the SALA guide for details on Emma’s exhibition and other great arts events run during the festival!

To find out more about how Beyond Bank are supporting the Arts community, visit www.beyondbank.com.au/artspartnership

To read more of our interview with Emma Hack about her artistic career stages and highlights, click here.

Image Credits:

Header image:  Darren Clements

Image within post: Emma Hack
‘Towards Dusk I Look to the Air for Guidance’
Hand-Embroidered Japanese Silk, Photography, Pigment Print
970mm x 1300mm

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