Beyond Bank Arts Program

Beyond Bank supporting the arts

One of our core drivers, as a bank, is to support the communities we are all a part of for our mutual success. This support is offered in innovative ways, including traditional sponsorships or grants and with the very unique Arts Program.

At its core, the Arts Card was designed to help an artist or gallery sell more of their work and to offer consumers another way to purchase art to take home something beautiful that enriches their life. The Arts Card was created to support the arts community towards independent financial sustainability. It is our hope that the Arts Card may help the arts community grow their business and allow them to continue to invest in their creative practice.

For some of our staff and customers the arts are something they are very passionate about. In a broader context, we believe that the arts informs and enriches the communities we are all a part of. Creative thinking provides an avenue for innovation. It cultivates another way of seeing this world; it challenges and celebrates our current environment, helping our culture and society to reflect, develop and grow. We want to be a part of fostering this community, innovative thinking and innovative banking.

That is precisely why we are here. To be an active part of this community, to support the arts because it is something we believe is important. We are also transparent in that our community support is for our mutual benefit; we also need your support. For us to continue to support the communities we are a part of, we also need our business to grow.

We don’t have a sneaky catch, or tricky jingle, we have a great Arts Program that supports a community we feel is really important and we would like your support to help us continue to invest in this community.

As a part of the Arts Program we have developed some innovative ways to have a real, positive impact on the arts community; including cross promotion of our Art Partners to our wider customer base via our blog and social media.

Another avenue of support is via our 2015 SALA Festival sponsorship and Community Reward Accounts to further support SALA and the great work they continue to do.

You can help us to continue to support the arts community in lots of innovative ways.

You can help SALA raise funds to continue the community enriching work they do by opening a Community Reward Account. The more you save, the more Beyond Bank will donate back to the SALA Festival.

The Community Reward Account is a unique initiative that each year sees Beyond Bank donate significant amounts to community organisations. In 2013/2014, Beyond Bank donated over $250,000 to the wider community.

SALA was our first not-for-profit arts organisation to sign up as a Community Reward Account recipient; it did not cost them a thing and came with no further catches. We would love other not-for-profit arts organisations to benefit from these accounts.

Our hope is that the Beyond Bank Arts Program will be an ongoing program that has a real, positive impact on the arts community and our growth: Full Circle.

Supporting creativity within the frame by thinking Beyond it…

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