SALA Gala – Sunday 16 August 2015

The SALA Gala is set to be a ‘stunning sample’ of what the festival has to offer in one ‘jam-packed day’ showcasing all this state has to creatively offer at the Soldiers Memorial Garden in Unley.

The SALA Gala will offer art demonstrations, art books, artists in session, creative activities for adults and children alike and of course music, food and wine from some of the festivals great partners!

We will also be there to talk about our Art Program and how you can help raise funds for SALA by saving your money in a Beyond Bank Community Reward Account. We will also talk about our very unique Arts Card and how we feel it will help the arts community.

We have a delightful activity planned for the day where you could go into the draw to win $500*! You could choose to spend it at one of our wonderful Art Partners and take home a piece of SALA.

We would like you to be a part of helping us create our own whimsical artwork that organically evolves over the course of the day. Our work will be about partnership and growth; about working together to foster creativity and the arts here in South Australia, something we feel is really important.

On the day we will have delightful little Beyond Bank swing tags, each of these tags are set to become your own little illustration to add to our growing artwork; your own voice and creative energy added to the collective, added to the creative community.

We will have two beautiful white Manzanita trees to hold all our little works, all the beautiful works will be attached to our tree and will become a part of the evolving work. We would love you to be a part of our work, aspiring and accomplished artists alike!

Being a part of creating our work also, as a bonus, means you can go into the draw to win $500*! A prize you could spend at one of our amazing Art Partners! So come and join us on Sunday 16th August from 10:30am – check out all the details for the event on the Facebook event page.

*Terms and conditions apply and are available on the day and by request. 

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