Simon and art

The Beyond Bank Arts Card bringing art to life

I have always loved art. I studied visual arts at university. I love the memories that pieces I have inherited, whilst not worth a lot, remind me of the people who once owned or created them.

When I travel overseas now, it is art books and museum catalogues that I lug home trying to convince the airlines that no my carry on is not extra heavy…I’m just extra tired! I also think a print or piece of art is the best memento of a wonderful adventure, whether it be a print by a San Franciscan graffiti artist or a contemporary Australian indigenous painting.

But what about here at home? Purchasing art has always seemed out of reach. There are always other things to pay for and it seems extravagant to spend that much cash in one hit. If I think back to all those pieces over the years that I loved but never considered being able to buy. . . The Beyond Bank Arts card has changed that.

The flexibility to purchase art and pay it off over 12 months is a great deal for me. It means I can fit it within my budget and have time to pay it off without my month to month expenses being seriously impacted. Having the card in the back pocket encouraged me to attend many SALA exhibitions and introduced me to some great new local artists. I now also own some new fabulous works (and investments) which I purchased at the amazing local gallery FELTspace’s annual fundraising auction.

Armed with my handy Arts card I appear to be moving from art lover to art collector as well, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Simon Perry

Find out more about the Beyond Bank Arts Card and the registered Art Partners.

Simon and art

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