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Bluethumb Online Art Gallery – Proud Art Partners

We are Australia’s leading online art gallery and proud Beyond Bank Art Partners. We have Australia’s best emerging artists exhibiting with us ready for you to discover. Using the Beyond Bank Arts Card, you have the freedom to start your collection today and choose from over 1000 Australian artists on Bluethumb.

The Arts Card gives you the option to buy when you want to, before someone else buys the artwork you love, something I have experienced myself by waiting too long. With a one-year interest free loan of up to $10,000 and a competitive ongoing credit facility, the Arts Card is a sensible choice.

So you’re on Bluethumb and have your Arts Card ready, how do you find the art you’re looking for? Try these 5 easy methods to find art you love:

1. Check out our featured artists.
We discover amazing talent every day. Look through our Featured Artists and find the best emerging artists like Archibald Prize finalist, Kim Leutwyler.

2. Choose a subject you’re passionate about.
Whether it’s Star Wars, cats or flowers, using the search bar on the top right of our homepage, simply type in your passion and hit enter.

3. Search your favourite colour, or a complimentary colour to your room’s colour scheme
Our colour search feature takes you straight to the art you’re looking for. You can refine your search further by collection, medium, price and size. By using the complementary colour wheel (just Google it), you can find art that looks ideal with your colour schemes. Complementary colours are located opposite each other on the wheel.

4. Get a second opinion from the pros
A second opinion from a friend is always a good idea, but not always possible. On our curations page you can see art the professionals love. Buy with confidence knowing your choice is the same as industry insiders.

5. Follow your heart
The most important thing is that you love it. Trust your gut feeling and buy what you love.


by Freddy from Bluethumb

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