Salary Packaging

We offer Salary Packaging cards offering tax free benefits to employees of the eligible Public Benevolent Institutions (PBI) or Health Promotion Charity (HPC). This is a salary sacrifice method where you can pay for expenses in advance from your pre-tax income.

We offer two types of cards: 

  • Salary Packaging: to pay for everyday expenses from your employee's pre-tax income, and
  • Meal/Entertainment: allows employees to pay for meals and holiday accomodation using tax-free dollars. 

We seek to create sustainable and meaningful partnerships with not-for-profit organisations based on our strong commitment to the community sector. 


Salary packaging benefits for employees include:

  • Reducing taxable income
  • Increase take home pay
  • Paying for living expenses before tax
  • Globally accepted Visa Card can be used anywhere.

We have a team of Community Banking Specialists that can discuss the options available for your staff.

Terms and conditions, fees and charges and normal lending criteria apply. This advice is general and you should consider if it is suitable for you. For full terms, conditions, fees and charges please view our Terms & Conditions and Fees and Charges Guide.

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