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Supporting creativity within the frame by thinking Beyond it.

Take your favourite piece of artwork home sooner with a 12 months interest free offer on the Beyond Bank Arts Card!

The Beyond Bank Arts Card saves you money by also offering a great ongoing purchase rate.

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  • Interest free Art Purchase offer through a Beyond Bank Art Partner
  • Purchase artworks from $500 - $10,000 depending upon lending criteria and approved credit limit
  • Purchase artworks from various artists or galleries within your approved credit limit.
  • The interest free arts offer can be used for commission pieces
  • Fantastic ongoing credit facility with a competitive purchase rate
  • Balance transfers. Get a discounted interest rate for transferring your balances from other credit card providers
  • AutoPay. You can choose to automatically pay a set amount, the minimum monthly payment or the total balance every month
  • Credit limits starting from $1,000
  • Visa Zero Liability Policy and Smart Chip Protection. Visa protects your card information 24/7. You won’t be held liable for unauthorised purchases made with your card or account information.

Interest free arts purchase

  • 0% for 12 months for an arts purchase through a registered gallery or artist
  • Any outstanding arts purchase balance at the conclusion of the 12 month period will attract interest at the prevailing annual percentage rate for purchases.


  • Annual Fee: $49 - Payable within the first month of the credit limit being funded
  • Refer to our fees and charges guide for more information.

Additional Terms for the Arts Card

The following Terms and Conditions apply to Beyond Bank Australia Credit Cards identified as an Arts Card, along with all other term and conditions set out in our Credit Cards Terms and Conditions:
1     Definitions:
1.1    The Arts Card  is a Low Rate Credit Card that may conduct an Art Purchase.
1.2    An Art Purchase is a payment to an Art Partner.
1.3     An Art Partner is a gallery, artist or arts event organiser that has:
•    applied to us for registration as an Art Partner;
•    met our criteria for registration as set out in the Art Partner registration Terms & Conditions; and
•    is registered by us as an Art Partner.  

2.     Art Purchases
What qualifies as an Art Purchase
2.1    Unless we indicate otherwise, a minimum Art Purchase amount of $500 applies.
2.2    Unless we indicate otherwise, we will allow an Art Purchase up to your available credit limit.
2.3    We may process additional Art Purchases if the minimum for each is $500 and the total of all outstanding Arts Purchases does not exceed your available credit limit. We may decline additional Art Purchases at our discretion.
2.4    Art Purchase payments will only be processed for completed artworks.
2.5    Additional Cardholders cannot apply for an Art Purchase.

2.6    To make an Art Purchase, you need to contact us to request an Art Purchase and to arrange for the payment to the Art Partner to be processed by a member of our staff.
2.7    Upon expiry of the specified period for which the agreed annual percentage rate applies to an Art Purchase, unless we indicate otherwise, the outstanding balance of the Art Purchase (including any related interest) will attract interest at the prevailing annual percentage rate for purchases.
2.8    We may refuse a request for an Art Purchase payment at our discretion.
2.9    Any payment which is not approved and processed by us an Art Purchase will not be eligible for the Art Purchase offer, and will be charged at the prevailing interest rate as detailed in the Credit Cards Terms and Conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, any transaction/purchase completed on the Arts Card directly by you to the Art Partner, without our approval and processing of the payment to the Art Partner, will not be deemed an Art Purchase.

Other terms
2.10    An Arts Card and/or Arts Purchase approval is in no way an indicator of authenticity, value or merit of the work of art to be purchased.  You must satisfy yourself as to the merit, value, investment opportunity and authenticity of any work of art purchased.
2.11    In the event of any fraudulent issues, misconduct, loss, theft or damage of the artwork, (to the extent permitted by law) we are not responsible for, and do not make any representation or warranty, for the artwork.
2.12    We do not enter arrangements for deposit, reservation or holding of the artwork. All discussion and agreement regarding deposit amount or holding requirements are between you and the gallery and/or artist.
2.13    There is an annual fee of $49 for the Arts Card.
2.14    You must pay the full Closing Balance shown on each statement of account (including the full outstanding amount of any Arts Purchase) by each applicable due date in order to continue getting the benefit of the interest free period on other purchases.

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