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Security Warning - Fake State Debt Recovery Office emails

March 2015
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We encourage members to be wary of scam emails purporting to come from the State Debt Recovery Office, within the NSW Office of State Revenue, claiming to deal with interest owing on a tax assessment.
The email has the subject line ‘Notice of reassessment – Penalty tax’ and what appears to be an official serial or file number. The 'more information' button included in the email links to a website where you are prompted to download a file containing details of the reassessment notice. However, this file includes ransomware.
The ransomware could encrypt your files to prevent you accessing and working on them, and force you to pay the scam authors for an online ‘key’ to unlock them. If you receive this email, you should delete it immediately.

The NSW Office of State Revenue provides additional information about this, and another three scams, which can be accessed from the links below:


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