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Business Banking updates in Internet Banking

September 2017
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We are always trying to improve our products and services to deliver the best for our members. New features will be added to Business Banking on Internet Banking which gives organizations the chance to see a clear break-down of their batch transactions, as well as information messages that will appear to assist in the process of seamless transactions.

So what’s new?

  • Single Summary Transaction History – Displays the overall Cemtex batch transaction as a single summary transaction under transaction history
  • Batch History Improvement – Gives the option to open the single summary transaction and view a detailed list of offsetting transaction records within a Cemtex batch. It also displays information for all stages of the batch such as who created, edited, approved and processed it, in addition to failed transactions highlighted in red.
  • Bank statements – Cemtex batch transactions now appear in statements as a single summary transaction
  • Information Messages – Messages appear prior to posting Cemtex and manual batches to ensure the transaction can successfully be processed

Examples include, ‘You have x level of access to the selected account’ or ‘The amount entered exceeds your per transaction limit’Cemtex Files – Cemtex files can now contain up to 9,999 individual transactions, a vast improvement on the previous limit of 1,000.

We continue to encourage our members to use Internet and Mobile banking as it gives you greater control over your personal finances.  At any minute of the day, you are able to view your activity, make transactions and more, without the need of physically going into a branch.

These features will be available from Wednesday 18th October 2017.


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