Supporting Canteen by participating in Road Raise.

As a customer-owned bank, we are driven to improving the lives of our customers and their communities. And we support our people both professionally and personally too.

It’s why we encourage our staff to volunteer with organisations like Canteen, which need our help.

Canteen is an organisation that provides support and counselling to young people when cancer turns their world upside down.  Whether it’s their own diagnosis or a close family member’s, it’s a big deal for a young person to go through.

As part of giving back, we’ve donated over $41,000 over the last five years to Canteen through our Community Reward Account.

Through our staff volunteering program, Stephen, one of our Community Development Managers, is supporting Canteen by participating in Road Raise in March, riding 1,000km over seven days to raise money.

Stephen has taken part in the event for three years.

A father himself, Stephen was attracted to the event because of his passion for bike riding.

“In the first year, I felt very emotional hearing the stories about how young people and their families had been affected by cancer. It left a lasting impression on me,” Stephen says.

“Now I ride to help the cause. It’s not just about my love of cycling anymore. I ride to make a difference and to help raise funds,” he says.

But there’s more to it than that. Stephen loves the camaraderie created by people coming together both on the bike and to help the team.

“I like to support newer riders achieve this very challenging ride,” Stephan says.

“It’s great to share the experience with other riders you don’t know well. After spending a week on the bike together, you become very close friends,” he says.

The way the group supports one another is not unlike how Canteen counsellors help young people at the most challenging times, a point not lost on Stephen.

“As a collective group through our fundraising efforts, I believe we contribute to the great work of Canteen,” he says.

And just like Stephen, we believe that we can create more good when we work together. Support Stephen by donating to his campaign.

You can also support Canteen by opening a Community Reward Account with us. It’s easy to open, and the more you save, the more we donate at no cost to you.

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