Saving for a House Deposit

If you’re trying to save a house deposit, it can seem a little daunting. We have a range of products that can help you get there faster.

The first step

The first step is to look at our range of savings accounts and choose one based on the amount of savings you’re starting with. Then set up a regular savings plan so that deposit will grow.

To help you stay on track when saving long term we offer a number of tools that can help you to better manage your money. Members of Beyond Bank can log into Internet Banking to access Beyond Finance Manager, which shows categorical and graphical displays of your spending and helps you to keep your saving on track. Beyond Finance Manager’s Goals feature allows you to set up a goal account that you can use for your house deposit. As you save, you can see the amount you have left to reach your goal to help keep you motivated and on track.

Figuring things out

We also have a range of useful calculators that can show you how much you can borrow, what your home loan repayments will be for the amount that you want to borrow and more.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we can make sure you have the savings account that best suits you.

Savings Accounts

We have a range of savings accounts to suit your needs.

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More Tips on Buying a Home

The key to buying a home is having the best tips.

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For the security of your accounts, Internet Banking no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions.

As you may know, Microsoft recently made the decision to discontinue its support of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). This leaves users exposed to potential security risks. As a result, Beyond Bank's Internet Banking will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions. Going forward, Beyond Bank will support Internet Explorer 9 or later to ensure the security of your accounts.

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