Beyond Bank Pathways

Meet Debbie

Debbie is a Manager at one of our branches in WA and she loves volunteering because it enables her to help those in the community that require assistance, especially groups that are relying on volunteers to assist and take some of the workload off their existing volunteers.

Debbie recently volunteered with Peel Riding for the Disabled and describes what she loved about this experience: “I could not believe how a small group of disabled children could bond so intensely with their horses and the joy on their faces. It was as if at that moment they were not facing any personal challenges and they were doing something that not even able-bodied individuals have attempted!”

Debbie encourages others to become a volunteer and says: “Being able to give back to your local community gives you a sense of achievement and working alongside such passionate groups helps you to put everything in life into perspective and appreciate others more.”

Well done Debbie and thanks a million!

^Tuija – Community Membership Coordinator