#1 Clubs, Groups & Charities Fundraiser Tool for 2012

We know you have spent many Saturdays turning sausages for your local footy team or filling your freezer with pies or lamingtons after the inaugural bake sale.

Now there is an easier way to fundraise for your local not-for-profit club, group or charity- the Community Reward Account.

This account takes the average annual balance of all Community Reward Accounts nominating your club, group or charity as the beneficiary, and donates up to 1.5% of this balance directly to your registered organisation!

How to benefit:

  1. Find out about becoming a recipient for the Community Reward Account*.
  2. Register your club, group or charity as a recipient.
  3. Encourage all of your members and supporters to open an account to support your club, group or charity.
  4. At the end of each financial year the amount raised is deposited straight to your registered organisation.

What your supporters need to do:

  1. Open a Community Reward Account.
  2. Select your club, group or charity to receive the benefits.
  3. Start saving!
  4. Be happy knowing they are supporting their favourite club, group or charity.

We know it works:

Over the past few years many clubs, groups and charities have been recipients of this account with great success. In 2011 approx. $150,000 was donated to registered organisations.

This could easily be your not-for-profit club, group or charity!

^Luke – Product Analyst

*Only available within our branch network. Full terms, conditions, fees and charges are available in the Product Guide and Fees and Charges booklets. These booklets are available on request, on the website and will be provided at the time of acquiring the product. Before acquiring the product you should consider if the product is appropriate for you.