5 simple reasons why you should switch to online eStatements

Get serious about becoming a leader in the fight against climate change and join the journey. There are many simple and easy things we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint and registering for eStatements is one of them!

Most major organisations offer online or email statements/billing options. If you haven’t already made the switch this is a really simple step you can take to reduce your impact on the environment. It’s amazing just how much paper is used to produce statements.

Ask your financial institution to switch you to online statements now.

  1. It’s convenient! You can view or print your eStatements any time you choose.
  2. It’s simple! You will receive an email when your eStatement is ready to view online.
  3. It’s fast! Your eStatement is available before paper statements get through snail mail.
  4. It’s secure! Your eStatement will not be lost or stolen in the mail.
  5. It’s environmentally friendly! Reduces paper waste.

We know we can all do more. Embrace the change and take your first and simple step towards reducing your paper consumption, register for eStatements today.

^Ross – Environment Management System Committee Chair