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Introducing Beyond Bank Australia

On 1 August 2013 Community CPS Australia will become a 100% customer-owned bank called Beyond Bank Australia.

We recently wrote to our members to advise that the Community CPS Group was applying to become a 100% customer-owned bank. Our application was approved and, from 1 August 2013, we will become a mutual bank – Beyond Bank Australia.

We’ve always done all we can to offer more to our members and to benefit our communities. So we can offer even more, we’re undergoing an evolution. We’re becoming a mutual bank – Beyond Bank.

As Community CPS we are member-owned, take pride in customer service, and believe in making a positive difference in the community. None of that will change.

In fact, by becoming a mutual bank, we’ll be able to provide even more for our members and their communities. As Beyond Bank, we can offer the best of both worlds – the security and competitive rates of a bank, together with the member-oriented philosophy and benefits of a credit union.

Becoming a mutual bank allows us to attract wholesale deposits from places that, as a credit union, we weren’t able to. This means lower fees and charges and higher returns for you, as for all our members.

We’ll continue to benefit all the communities in which we operate, whether it be through volunteering, specialised banking products or financial support for not-for-profit organisations.

All the things you love about the Community CPS Group won’t change.

Our strong member focus, our customer service, our support for your community – none of these things will ever change. We will always put customers first and invest in their communities.

The accounts and products you hold with us, the people you deal with, your access to the ATM network and the instructions you give us in relation to your accounts will not change either.

Naturally, there will be some things that need to change. You can expect to see our staff in new uniforms, as well as new-look statements, debit and credit cards (on renewal), website and online banking.

We will also have new branch signage rolled out across the country.

And you’ll love the other way to bank – Beyond Bank Australia.

As a 100% customer owned bank, our profits are used only to benefit our customers and their communities. We call this approach banking + good.

And what does that mean for you? Well, things like improved banking products, better rates and less fees and charges.

At Beyond Bank Australia we will continue to give you the best of both worlds; the flexibility and security of a bank, together with the customer service levels you’d expect from a mutual organisation.

We’re a bank that is committed to the prosperity of many, not just the few.

To find out more about Beyond Bank Australia, or if you have questions about how the change may affect you, leave a comment below, phone 13 25 85, visit your local branch, email or visit our website.


  1. Alex

    Would be nice if you tested your website before publishing it. Does not seem to work in IE and cannot do any internet banking! Pleae fix ASAP!

  2. eddy

    please note when designing web page – keep it simple in terms of megabite size. Some of us are on dial up so downloading a web page can be quite problematic if it is large in size.

    Others of us have gigbyte allowance at the lowest level eg the bigpond 2 Gb before being shaped to 56 kb. All god reason for keeping the home page simple.

    Limit advertising and colors – definitely no moving objects on the home web page.

  3. John Glover

    I have just come out of hospital. How do I access my accounts with you? I need to check balances and do B-pay transactions to various doctors.

  4. Beyond Bank

    @Alex I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue accessing our new website. We are currently investigating this as a priority. To assist our IT Support staff, can you please confirm what version of windows and Internet Explorer you are using? Please email, and we’ll be in touch shortly. ^Cherie

  5. Beyond Bank

    @John The only change made is to our business name and brand colours, and you will still be able to access your accounts as normal. If you are using our Internet Banking or Phone Banking services, you will notice some slight changes. However these services can still be accessed via your same membership number and password. If you do experience any issues, please let me know and I will be happy to assist. Simply email your details to and we’ll be in touch. ^Cherie

  6. Chris Mundy

    Nice start but a few challenges with the web site:

    1. Internet banking button on the home page. Please make it an automatic hover rather than click to it to reveal further menus or if it has to be a click, make it look like a button to click. This is probably why the readers above can’t find the banking buttons or he’s on this site and expecting to do some banking.

    2. The home page domain name why isn’t it just ? It seems like you’ve got some funky issues with your URL naming.

    3. Also this site is a very misleading URL it has no association with Beyond Banking URL, consider this type of URL e.g., run it as a sub-site or sub domain.

    4. When I’m on this page ( and click the Home button it take me back to here ( when the Logo says “Beyond Banking”, shouldn’t it take me to the Beyond Banking website? If this is another site then state that it is the “Beyond Banking Were Listening Site” or something similar and have a big fat button, “Go here to bank”.

    5. Logo – When I click the logo on this page which says “Beyond Banking” it takes me to How do I get back to

    6. Having another URL structure could be a security risk. I know you’ve probably got great security, however, if a vulnerability were to occur on this site and someone maliciously takes over this menu structure, a user could expect to be taken back to and get taken to another site, then compromised.

    7. “We’re listening” Top Header RH menu item – Use the lingo of the web… Why not use “Contact Us” rather than “We’re listening” as a menu item. We’re listening is “push statement from your team” rather than “Contact Us” is an action initiated from the user.

    8. As a member (love your services) and as an IT professional (and there’s lots of them in Canberra) this kind of thing can lesson people’s confidence in your IT Capabilities. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

    I hope this assists

  7. Giff

    Used the new webpage for my online banking as usual. Signed in with account number and password and all works well. For anyone having issues with IE, I would say anything below IE8 possibly wont work as I run Windows XP with IE8 and the website works properly as it normally did before the changeover.

  8. Beyond Bank

    @Giff Thanks for the feedback. You are correct, we have identified issues with older versions of Internet Explorer, if possible we recommend upgrading to IE10 if you are having any issues. ^Chris

  9. Beyond Bank

    @Chris Thank you for your feedback about our new website and blog. As a member owned Financial Institution we certainly value the feedback provided by our members.

    We will continue to add improvements to our website, Internet Banking and Social Media sites, and have a list of several planned improvements already, that we are currently working on achieving.

    Our aim is to make all our sites easy to access and compatible with the majority of devices on the market. As I am sure you can understand, this is no easy feat and will continue to provide its challenges.

    I can confirm that your suggested improvements have been forwarded to our Digital Services Team to review for future upgrades to our services.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. ^Cherie

  10. Trish

    Why won’t Internet banking work when I click on it. Why won’t the home page not appear when clicked on.

  11. Cherie - Member Contact Centre

    @Michael I’m sorry to hear you don’t like our new colours. The reason we chose these particular colours is because we wanted to stand out from our competitors and choose a colour that fits with our name, what we stand for and our direction.

    Thank you for your feedback. We have passed it on to management for future consideration. ^Cherie

  12. Cherie - Member Contact Centre

    @Ann For any incoming payments or direct debits you will only need to provide your account number, your name as the account name and the BSB 805 022, which has not changed. As such, you will not need to advise any current debiting or crediting companies of the change of name.
    If you are expecting an incoming payment from an International bank account, we will still accept the payment under Community CPS, however we do ask that you update this to Beyond Bank for future payments. ^Cherie

  13. Caroline

    Many years ago when I opened my account with the credit union, I had to pay $10 for shares. Now that you have become a bank, is the $10 going to be refunded?

  14. Catherine

    Firstly, I love the purple colour! ( sorry, Michael). Secondly, electronic transfers from or to CPS accounts for other institutions were not immediate, they appeared in the receiving account the following day. Does this timeframe change now that you are a bank?

  15. Beyond Bank

    @Catherine Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad to hear you like our new colours. In relation to incoming and sent transfers, no changes have been made to this process. The 24- 48 business day turn around time is an industry standard, with how long your payment takes depending on when and where its being sent from and where your payment is being sent to. As a general guide, it is always best to send your payment 48 business hours before it needs to arrive in the destination account. This will leave plenty of time for your payment to arrive and ensure it is available when needed. Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions. ^Cherie

  16. Kirsty

    With internet banking when you “logout” and go to the “you have logged out of internet banking” can we have a button to “Log back into Internet Banking” please.

  17. Beyond Bank

    @Kirsty, thanks for your message, this option is already available. To log back into Internet Banking after you have logged out, simply click on the ‘Secure Login’ button. ^Aimee

  18. Kirsty

    @ Aimee, I can’t see the ‘Secure Login’ button. You have to go to the option – Welcome to the other way to bank ‘find out more’ and then you get the ‘internet banking login’. I move away from my desk a lot so log in and out frequently. much thanks.

  19. Michael

    @Kirsty I’m sorry you’re having difficulties seeing the “secure Login” button after you have logged out of Internet Banking. This may well be an issue with the browser type you are using. To assist you more quickly if you email your contact details to me to I will give you a call to see if we can resolve the issue for you. ^Michael

  20. David

    Please reveal the secret of how to actually use the banking site for banking. Like LOGGING IN? Even a clue like “It’s round and orange and in the bottom half of one of the screens”. That would give me a sporting chance. I succeeded once but the sequence eludes me now.

  21. Hannah

    @David To log into your Internet Banking, please visit and select the white ‘Internet Banking’ button located in the top right hand corner of the screen. From here a new page will appear and you will be asked to provide your Member Number and Internet Banking password. Once these details have been entered, select the purple ‘Secure Login’ button and you will be logged in and brought to home page of your Internet Banking. ^Hannah

  22. mikey

    i can’t see why everyones winging? its simple as, the buttons are if anything slightly bigger.. and every detail works under the 3 browsers i use.

    I admit, logging in on the 4/8/13 was a bit weird.. not being forewarned that things were changing made me go and research whether i was being phished.. for 20 seconds.


    Learn how to internet, jebus its 2013.

  23. Hannah

    @mikey Thank you for your feedback regarding our Internet Banking site! We have attempted to make our Internet Banking as user friendly as possible. We appreciate you taking the time to contact Beyond Bank Australia. As a customer-owned financial institution, we value your comments and feedback about our products and services. ^HF

  24. Adam

    Piddy you can’t sign up i havent used this till now. Can u do. Something about it please thanks.

    Please dont not say u can NOT understand me. Thanks

  25. Hugh

    You advertise ring 131 402 to talk to a person any time 24 hours. Try it – you end up talking to a machine that goes around in circles.
    Stupid, doesn’t anyone have the job of testing your website?

    Where is the 24 hour personal response number? a 9-5 bank is useless.

  26. Beyond Bank

    Hi Hugh,

    I am sorry we were not available when you needed to get in contact with us. Our Call Centre is open from 8am-8pm (M-F, ACST) and 9-3pm Saturdays, and Telephone Banking is available 24/7. If you would like to email me your best contact details I can contact you directly. ^Julia

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