Beyond Bank Pathways

Meet Katrina

Katrina works in HR at our SA Head Office and she used to marvel at people who were able to give up their own time to commit to volunteering and wonder how they found the time. It wasn’t until she found something that she was passionate about and enjoyed doing that she was then able to understand.

Katrina is a volunteer Guide at the Adelaide Zoo and recently she had a group from Deaf Can Do. She says: “It really made me appreciate the animals in the zoo from a visual perspective and to explain about the animals in a different way. Instead of listening to the sounds, I explained why they make sounds and how they communicate using not only sound but visual stimuli as well. This group were so appreciative and at the end we both benefited, they left with huge smiles on their faces and learnt about the animals…this is what is memorable for me!”

Katrina encourages others to become a volunteer and says: “If you love doing something, the most powerful thing you can do is contribute your time. Many organisations would not exist without the volunteers and the support they provide.”

Well done Katrina and thanks a million!

^Vicky – Community Membership Coordinator