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Meet Rachael

Rachael is a Manager at one of our branches in NSW and she loves volunteering because it makes her feel like she is giving something back to the community.

Rachael volunteers for the Red Cross [1] as a Tele-Cross volunteer and describes one of her favourite experiences: “One of the elderly clients eagerly awaits my daily call and our conversations often go for 10 minutes or more. She shared her life with me and was keen to get to know me. I’m not sure who actually got more out of the call, her or me, as I often found that when something happy or unusual had happened I couldn’t wait to tell her.”

Rachael says this experience has given her the opportunity to touch base with those that are lonely and often have no one else in their lives to make sure that they’re ok.

Rachael encourages others to become a volunteer and says: “It will give you the satisfaction and joy of knowing you are helping someone else.”

Well done Rachael and thanks a million!

^Terese – Community Membership Coordinator