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Planning a winter escape? Some travel tips to get you started!

If you’re like me and winter is getting the better of you, a warm holiday is probably on your mind. I’m thinking beach, sun and sand… the great winter escape. Whilst that sounds like a relaxing holiday, sometimes organising it can be quite the challenge.

A little while ago we asked you to tell us your top travel tips and we had some great ones come through. So, we thought we’d share them, in case you are planning that great winter escape!

Some of the tips included:

1. Pack, and then take half out! You’ll need to leave some room for mementos as you go.

2. Take a copy of passports and travel tickets.

3. Make sure you have up to date Visa’s (if a Visa is required).

4. If you are bringing a smart phone, make sure that all data roaming is turned off to avoid large phone bills.

5. If you are traveling with a large group, don’t have one personal hold all the passports.

6. Let your financial institution know that you will be traveling overseas to avoid your accounts being locked down for security purposes when you start transacting overseas.

7. If you need medication – check what the rules are in the country you are visiting that you are allowed entry with medication.

8. Make sure you buy a few extra presents – there is always someone you forget when shopping.

9. Get a large SD card for all those photo’s you are going to take.

10. Bring a travel adapter so you can use your electrical appliances.

11. Traveling with kids? Pack some colourfully wrapped presents for the kids to open and play with on the long plane trip. Small items suitable for a lane trip like a colouring book, word mazes, fancy crayons etc.

12. Be courageous; try some of the local food!

13. Make sure you have fun!

I hope this takes some of the heat off organising your next trip. Do you have any travel tips you wish to share?

^Cas – Direct Marketing Manager

These tips are a guide for travellers and have not considered your personal circumstances.