Tips and Tricks for the Best Fundraising Experience

Fundraising for charity events can sometimes be a daunting challenge. How do you know where to start? What are the best ways to get people motivated to donate their money to your favourite cause? We wanted to share some of our favourite tips to help you get the most of your fundraising efforts!

1. Set an ambitious but achievable fundraising goal. It’s easier to be motivated when you have something solid to strive for.

2. Make your requests personal. If you’re sending letters or emails, address them individually, and explain why your cause is so special to you.

3. Involve your work-place. Check with the boss to see if you are able to have a donation box available to customers and colleagues that advertises your charity.

4. Hold a Garage Sale. This is a great one for teams where members can bond, raise money and also clear out the unwanted items around the house!

5. Organise a Bake Sale. Have each team member bake their favourite recipe. Most people love a delicious home-baked treat and will be happy to donate a few dollars for a good cause.

6. Sizzle some sausages at a sporting venue, or outside a supermarket or busy area in your town. You can often buy the sausages cheaper in bulk if you mention that it’s to raise funds for a charity.

7. Invite friends over for a themed dinner. Ask people to bring a donation and a plate of something to share that goes with the theme. Some ideas could be a Mexican night, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or based around your favourite movie!

These are just some of the ways you can have fun and get your friends and family involved with your fundraising efforts! Don’t forget to celebrate when you’ve reached your goal!

We know that there are some star fundraisers out there. Please leave any other tips that have worked for you in the comments!

^Peter – General Manager, Community