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Spring into a fresh financial start

Blue skies are emerging and the gloom of winter is quickly disappearing motivating many of us to spring clean anything from those cluttered cupboards to our financial plans.

Now is a good time to make the most of the optimism that spring often brings and take stock of your financial circumstances.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Assess your current circumstance – the first step in assessing your financial position is to take stock of your income, your debts and the required repayments, any savings, and personal and household expenses. Once you know where your money goes each week you’ll be able to identify what money you can free up for potential savings, investments or to further reduce personal debts.

Set a budget – set an ongoing budget to manage your funds and understand how much money you are able to free up. If you’ve never set a budget, use one of the many online budget planners that are available or seek professional advice to help get you started.

Consider future expenses – be realistic about potential expenses, such as household maintenance that loom on the horizon. For example, if you expect that in the next year or two you’ll need to do minor renovations to your home, factor it into the budget.

Pay off debt and create equity – make it a priority to clear the deck of any personal financial debts. In the long run, this could save you thousands of dollars in interest. Consider consolidating credit card debts and personal loans into your mortgage, which is often at a lower interest rate, but remember to increase your repayments correspondingly to avoid simply spreading your debt over a longer period.

Invest – put away an amount of money each week for investing either in your superannuation or as a part of a financial plan, which may include taking advantage of current low interest rates and investing in property.

This is general advice only and you should talk to us about how to best manage your financial circumstances, and understand how to make your financial dreams a reality, such as reducing debt, building your nest egg, investing in property, renovating your home or budgeting for a holiday. Feel free to leave any comments or queries below.

^Robert – Chief Executive Officer


  1. Alwyne Mcintyre

    Question: Glad to see you apps for iphone and Android, when are you going to have one for windows mobile?

  2. Beyond Bank

    @Alwyne, We’re happy to have our App up and running as well. I can confirm our App Team are currently working on releasing a Windows version of our Banking App. We unfortunately do not have a release date as yet. Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for upcoming news updates. ^LM

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