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5 Reasons why you need a Financial Advisor who understands your goals

Many dreamers write their ideas on napkins, over a coffee. And then? Nothing happens. Great dreamers have great ideas – also scribbled on scraps of paper – but they make concrete plans. They build on their ideas and make them real.

This is where your financial advisor [1] can help. They can take those scraps of dreams and turn them into reality.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a financial advisor [1] who understands your goals:

1. Planning for life’s changes
A good financial advisor will take the time to understand you. What are your life’s goals? Depending on your age, family responsibilities, career aspirations and living situation, your needs and desires will change. When your financial advisor really understands you, they can help you to tailor your plans so you reach your goals.

2. Planning your career
Where are you in your career? What growth and development are you planning? You may be happy in your job, you may want a promotion, or you may want to go back to study and gain more skills. Or perhaps you have a business, or want to start one? Your financial advisor will take the time to understand your career and help you work out a strategy.

3. Planning for your family
Are you single or in a relationship? Are you renting or do you own your house? If you dream of buying a house, you will need a financial plan to make it happen. Or perhaps you have a growing family and need a new home, or perhaps you’re supporting older family members. Your financial advisor will help you to consider these things. You may also need to consider life insurance [2].

4. Planning for your financial freedom
Do you own shares, property or other assets? Your financial planner [3] can help you invest wisely and plan for your financial freedom.

5. Planning for your retirement
When do you want to retire? And, when you retire, what lifestyle do you want? Retirement planning [4] is important, even when you’re young. Carefully consider your superannuation [5] to help you to be independent through your retirement years. If you’re close to retirement, you may also want to consider how you can help your children achieve their goals too.

To find out how our Financial Advisors can help you with your plan, visit our website [1] or leave a comment below.

^Michael – Practice Development Manager