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Volunteering for Equal Health in India

Lauren Parry Equal HealthHi guys,

Well, India is certainly an experience. I’m absolutely exhausted! I’m amongst a team of 3 Optometrists and 2 Optical Dispensers including me. We handed out 247 pairs of specs yesterday! Feeling very proud of my team! All of the specs are adjusted by hand which is very taxing on my little office hands. Haha. I’m enjoying the experience though. Having a day off in town today then to the local school for a concert this evening. The people here are absolutely lovely!!

Our team is amazing. Everyone is so helpful and supportive! We are having a lot of laughs! I ran the exercise class this morning. It seems I am more suited to that job than optical dispensing. 🙂

The saris the ladies wear are so beautiful! In fact I might just purchase one before I leave.

The cold showers are much better than I thought they’d be and the facilities at the camp are minimal but more than enough.

The food has been amazing. I accidentally ate a large portion of green chilli last night thinking it was capsicum (should’ve known). Nothing a huge amount of rice and water couldn’t fix.

All in all this is an amazing experience!

Lauren 🙂