How you can say thanks and make someone’s day

If you can’t remember the last time you said “thank you” to someone, then it might be time to recognise all the things you are thankful for in your life.  Whether someone gives you an unexpected compliment, holds the door open for you, or says “Have a nice day” in passing, saying “thank you” in response should be part of our daily routine.

Whether the gesture is big or small, be sure to say those two little words that are far too often neglected and difficult for some to say. Chances are you have a lot to be thankful for!

Here’s some people you can say thank you to and make their day!

1. Partners
At times it is easy for us to take our partners for granted as they are always there. Make a special effort to thank your partner for cooking dinner, doing the washing, or taking out the bins.

2. Friends
Our friends deserve a special thank you for their support and friendship. Take the time to make a phone call to a special friend and thank them for being in your life.

3. Kids
Set your kids aside for a minute just to tell them thank you. Be specific about what you are thanking them for and how it made you feel.

4. Parents
Did you enjoy a recent get-together with family? Frame a fun photo from the event and give it to your parents as thank you for everything they have done for you.

5. Teachers
Teachers often hear complaints from parents instead of praise. Send a note or email to your child’s teacher thanking them for the work they do. Or better yet, tell the school principal how much you appreciate your child’s teacher.

6. Boss
Bosses, like teachers, often hear more complaints than compliments. When your boss does something well, pay them a sincere compliment. Thank them for supporting you or allowing you to have time off.

7. Co-workers
As a thank you gesture, bring cupcakes or donuts to your weekly staff meeting. Or surprise a co-worker when you go on a coffee run by bringing a coffee back for them.

8. Employees
If you have employees, remember their birthdays, it makes them feel special and appreciated and says “thank you for being you.” Decorate their desk to make them feel special.

9. Shop staff
Go out of your way to thank sales people for good service and better yet, tell their manager.

10. Postie
Say hello and thank you to your postie when you have a chance and keep the area in front of your letterbox clear of cars and rubbish bins to make their job easier.

Think about the other people you come across each day and be creative in how you thank people! Comment here and tell us about how you thanked someone.