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Simple tips to Stay Smart Online

This week is Stay Smart Online Week and we’re encouraging the local community to take simple steps to stay safe and secure and ensure personal and financial information is protected when they are ‘On the Go’.

Stay Smart Online Week’s ‘On the Go’ theme reflects the continued growth in mobile devices and the need for consumers to avoid online risks.

There is no doubting the convenience of online communication but this growth area needs to be underpinned by a better understanding of how to stay safe and secure in online environments.

For this reason, we support Stay Smart Online Week and encourage our customers and the broader community to be vigilant to help in the fight against fraud and online scams.

Here are some tips for secure communication and transactions on smart phones and tablets:
• Put a password on your phone and a PIN on your SIM card.
• Setup your device to automatically lock.
• Encrypt your data.
• Consider installing security software from a reputable provider.
• Stay with reputable websites and mobile applications (apps).
• Do not click on unsolicited or unexpected links.
• Check your phone bill for unusual data charges or premium rate calls.
• Check for updates to your phone’s operating system regularly and install them as soon as they are available.
• In case of theft or loss ask your provider or manufacturer whether it has services such as mobile tracking and the ability to remotely wipe your information stored on the phone.

For more information on other top tips in Stay Smart Online Week visit the campaign website [1].