Why being a member is great

What makes being a member of Beyond Bank great

Beyond Bank is a 100% customer-owned mutual bank and when you open a savings, deposit or loan account with us you become a member.

At Beyond Bank anyone can become a member, it’s not exclusive. And every member has a vote and an equal say in how our bank is run and can therefore also be classified as a shareholder. A member effectively sits on both sides of the fence – being a customer and a owner.

Profits that Beyond Bank make are passed back to our customers in the form of:

  • Better interest rates on deposits;
  • Better interest rates on loans;
  • Lower fees and charges; and
  • Investment in the local community.

And the larger and more profitable a mutual bank becomes the more their members are rewarded with greater profits and higher dividends.

At Beyond Bank our aim is to provide benefits back to our local communities through our sponsorship, foundation grants and Community Reward Account bonus payments. So by becoming a member at Beyond Bank you help us achieve this goal and provide benefits to numerous charities, sporting groups and not-for-profits organisations here in our community.

If you are seeking to reduce the expense on your loan or maximise your return on your deposit investment, you should consider making the switch to Beyond Bank.

For more information on becoming a member of Beyond Bank, visit us at any branch, or give us a call on 13 25 85.


  1. Iven Laufer

    These days all pays go into a bank as no one gets paid in cash. If you then have a debit card and use it in lieu of cash, why do you pay any fees?

  2. Beyond Bank

    All of our transactions performed on a Visa Debit card go through a third party company. As such, Beyond Bank incurs certain fees that we must pass on to our members. We do offer our Everyday Account, which offers unlimited transactions for a $6.50 monthly service fee. However; if $2,500 or more is deposited into the account each month (including someone’s pay), then that fee is waived. If you would like us to contact you to discuss further please email your details to ourcommunity@beyondbank.com.au ^Coedy

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