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3 simple steps to achieving prosperity

The definition of prosperity according to Oxford Dictionaries is ‘the state of being prosperous’¹, with prosperous further defined as ‘successful in material terms; flourishing financially’². However how this definition applies to you may be completely different to your immediate friends and family, and broader society as a whole.

Firstly, ‘successful’ can be different for each of us. For some, success is measured by career or study achievements. For others it may be related to family or friends. For many wealth can be an outward symbol of success, others see success related to their happiness, health and wellbeing.

Secondly, ‘material terms’ can also be valued in different manners. For some it is physical assets – paying off your home loan [1] or buying a new car. For others it is more intangible – travel experiences or a comfortable lifestyle.

Finally, most of us understand ‘financially’ in the same manner, in terms of your ability to have or have access to finance in order to achieve those material things. But everyone’s requirements are different.

Despite the fact that prosperity may be different for each person, some simple steps to achieving prosperity, whatever you deem it to be are:

  1. Determine what success in life means to you and what material items achievement of this will mean – Is it your dream career? Or the ability to spend time with the kids each day? Is it travelling the world or one day owning a sports car. Whatever this looks like, next;
  2. Develop a plan to achieve this – does it mean further study? Or determining a financial plan [2] so that you can afford to work part-time. Create a step by step path that results in the end-goal – rather than a single unachievable aspiration.
  3. Start with Step 1 on that plan. Follow it up with each step along the journey.

For me, my 3 steps are:

  1. Success means experiencing the world one place at a time.
  2. My plan is to visit 6-12 new places each year. When I lived in Europe, this was new countries. Now it is about exploring Australia. Each new place is a step towards achieving my personal prosperity.
  3. Next step is to book my next trip – next on the list of countries is Uganda, but I may start smaller with a day trip to Birdwood, South Australia.

We’d love your thoughts! What does prosperity mean to you and what are your steps to achieving it?

At Beyond Bank [3], we believe in ‘prosperity for many’, so if you would like help in achieving prosperity, whatever that means for you, contact us [4] on 13 25 85.

– Kerry-Anne Smith

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