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Why Beyond Bank is the best banking partner for community organisations

Ian Cox Hutt Street Centre [1]At our recent Community Reward Account [2] presentation evening in South Australia, the CEO of the Hutt Street Centre [3], Ian Cox, spoke about his organisation’s partnership with Beyond Bank. Here is what he had to say…

“I have the pleasure of standing up here this evening to talk about my organisations’ partnership with Beyond Bank [4] which has easily been one of the most exciting and pleasurable experiences and partnership opportunities in my 23 years in homelessness and within the not-for-profit sector.

Why? Well Beyond Bank is truly about the community and I saw this for myself one afternoon.

I had to go to the head office and as I walked in, I saw one of our more difficult clients in the bank. I watched from afar as the staff dealt with him, which they did with great care, respect and dignity. They even knew his name and made no extra fuss about the situation and treated him so well.

In many ways this became the most critical test that Beyond Bank passed on whether I felt that our organisation could truly partner with Beyond Bank moving forward.

With our partnership, Beyond Bank has always responded with total professionalism, competence, commitment and have listened to our needs. We have never been talked at and we truly believe that you believe in not only us, but also in the community and all the organisations that are supported here tonight.

To us, we feel that Beyond Bank truly gets what we are about and understands that we also know how to run a successful business.

Peter Drucker, the father of modern day management in the USA, when asked many years ago who was the greatest CEO in the USA upset the US Corporate sector (who expected to hear names such as Jack Welch etc) when he answered Nancy Hesselbein, CEO of the Girl Guides. This was because she understood how to mobilise the community better than anyone and more importantly was clear about their purpose.

So to the Beyond Bank Board and Senior Executives who are here tonight, please keep doing the same thing. You have an excellent brand in the community and we love working with you and your staff – because you too are clear about your purpose.

Our partnership makes our organisations stronger – it demonstrates to staff, volunteers and our Boards where we are going and these transfer through to government and the wider community. In the end it helps to contribute to ending homelessness; and in other cases contributing to volunteering and the many other great causes in the wider community.

We have similar values, are outcome focused and driven to achieve. As a result we are keen to move our banking here, not just as a result of our relationship, but because of what you stand for.”