Our commitment to the community

Our Commitment to the Community

Did you know we have a savings account that helps community groups raise much needed funds?

It’s called the Community Reward Account and is a savings account that not only provides our customers with an everyday savings solution, it has no account keeping fees, and also provides a way of helping customers support their favourite charity in the community.

Customers who open a Community Reward Account can select the charity, community group or not-for-profit organisation they wish to support from a list of registered recipients. And if their preferred not-for-profit isn’t listed, they can encourage them to register and become a Community Reward Account recipient.

Once registered, the local charity is placed on our list of recipient organisations and can be nominated as the supported organisation when a Community Reward Account is opened. The not-for-profit organisation will then become eligible to qualify for our annual ‘community bonus payment’.

At the end of the financial year, we calculate the average annual balance held in all the Community Reward Accounts linked to each registered organisation. Based on these balances, we will donate the equivalent of up to 1.25% to your organisation.

How to help your chosen local charity increase their ‘Community Reward’ benefits:

  • You can encourage your friends and family to open a Community Reward Account at Beyond Bank and link their account back to your chosen community group;
  • Encourage your community group to work with their supporters to also open Community Reward Accounts and link them back; and
  • Use newsletters, websites, social media channels, and functions to also promote the benefits of opening a Community Reward Account and supporting your chosen community group.

Increasing the amount your chosen organisation receives as a bonus payment is easy – the more their supporter base grows, so do their rewards.

Community is at the core of our organisation. As a customer-owned bank we’re committed to making a difference in the regions in which we operate.

This year our Community Reward Account provided more than $239,000 to over 170 local charities across Australia. Our ability to team with our customers and contribute in this way is important to us to ensure we are able to play a meaningful role in helping communities prosper, because stronger communities are also good for us.

For more information, visit us in branch, call us on 13 25 85 or leave a comment below.

When a whole community gets behind their favourite charity, sporting club or community group, small amounts saved by individuals can become significant to their fundraising goals.