Credit Union Christmas Pageant Queen and King Ryan

My experience in the Credit Union Christmas Pageant – King Ryan

It all started bright and early for the Credit Union Christmas Pageant Royal Family, arriving around 6am to get everything ready for Father Christmas. While we thought it was an early start for us, there were families locking in front row seats well before 3.30am! The best way to describe the morning of the pageant is organised chaos – there are over 1,000 people going through a similar process of costume and makeup, however it all runs like clockwork.

As we turned the first corner onto King William Street we were faced with a wall of eager faces, and looking down the street could see thousands more looking on. The most overwhelming part of the pageant is passing more than 345,000 South Australians – the equivalent of 6 sold-out Adelaide Ovals! I can’t think of another South Australian event that sees this many people in the one place at the same time.

As the Royal Family, we have visited many local and rural schools over the past couple of months, and we heard many kids along the route yell out ‘I saw you at my school!’. It was great to know the impact we had in spreading the Pageant magic before the big day.

When Father Christmas finally arrived outside David Jones the excitement reached a new level. Queen Gemma was lucky enough to greet Father Christmas and escort him through to the Magic Cave. The walk through David Jones was another highlight – many children unexpectedly encountered Father Christmas, his entourage of royals, dancers and camera crew. This was a once in a lifetime experience!

I could barely sleep the night before because I was so excited and seeing all the smiling, happy people waving up at us is something that I will not forget. Thank you to everyone who came and made the 2014 Credit Union Christmas Pageant a magical experience.