Michelle volunteering at Camp Quality

My experience volunteering with Camp Quality

On Monday, 6 October, I had the opportunity to step outside of the day to day corporate world, and volunteered at the Junior Camp for Camp Quality.

Camp Quality is a children’s family cancer charity that believes in bringing optimism and happiness to the lives of children and families affected by cancer. When I arrived in the morning the smiles were infectious, with so many children on the oval at the Ern Halliday Recreation Camp in Hillarys wearing ‘Camp Quality’ T-Shirts that were bright in colour – pink, yellow, blue and orange and once again signifying the optimism and happiness for children affected by cancer.

The kids were out on the oval enjoying a number of activities – dodge ball, bang bang, tai chi, and much more. The weather was sensational and I was quick to get myself out on the oval to enjoy the day with the kids. Once I had signed in I was partnered with another volunteer and we got to team up with some wonderful kids, who in fact took me back to my earlier school days and amazed me with not only their warm hearts, and big smiles but also their incredible intelligence as we worked on a SciTech activity – using items we were given to protect a village from a volcano that was to erupt.

Shortly after I was tapped on the shoulder by another volunteer who had asked me to watch the doorway. I thought “I know this man” and we began to have a chat. It was Brad a member of Beyond Bank, and so I asked him how he became involved in Camp Quality.

Brad said he became involved as a volunteer after hearing about the partnership Beyond Bank had with Camp Quality at our Life Member Movie Night last year and this was now his 2nd or 3rd camp. He also told me how much he enjoyed volunteering at the camps.

Kyle from Camp Quality gave a brief overview of what Camp Quality stood for and what they hoped to achieve. He made note that the organisation had more than enough women volunteers but were always short on male volunteers. I had always thought about doing some kind of volunteer work to put back in to the community and this seemed like the perfect fit,” said Brad.

For me, the opportunity to volunteer at this camp was truly a blessing, and to see our members connected in the same way made me very proud! It was a gentle reminder that we indeed enrich ourselves by touching the lives of others and as Winston Churchill said ‘you make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give’.

If you are interesting in volunteering, then I encourage you to seek out volunteering opportunities, Beyond Bank has a volunteer program that helps our members find volunteering opportunities with like-minded organisations who are looking for volunteers – click here to find out more.