Bruto at the Credit Union Christmas Pageant

Handy Tips for the Credit Union Christmas Pageant

As a proud sponsor of the Credit Union Christmas Pageant, we are looking forward to welcoming Father Christmas to Adelaide on Saturday 8 November.

Thanks to the Credit Union Christmas Pageant Company, here are the Top Tips for Pageant Day:

  • Before you make your way into the city, study the route map so you know where to go and remember to bring a copy with you
  • Use public transport to avoid the traffic
  • Arrive early to get the best spot
  • Arrange a meeting spot and a time to meet up in case you and your group are separated during the day
  • Bring some colourful chalk to decorate the Pageant route while you wait for the starting whistle
  • Bring plenty of snacks – leave your barbeque at home
  • Bring plenty of cool drinking water – freeze a water bottle the night before for an icy treat
  • Bring blankets, rugs, low folding chairs and cushions to sit on – leave your ladders, scaffolding and pop-up shelters at home
  • Please avoid using an umbrella while the Pageant is passing – if wet, bring a poncho
  • Wait until the roads are closed to set up your blankets and rugs behind the Blue Honour Line
  • Let children sit at the front behind the Blue Honour Line for the best view
  • Try not to smoke around children
  • Be sun smart and Slip, Slop, Slap.
  • Visit the Beyond Bank Crew Car, near Victoria Square or the other sponsors cars on the pageant route to get a wristband for your child – phone numbers can be easily written on them. Also take a photo of your child on your phone or digital camera on the morning of the Pageant-much easier than trying to remember what they were wearing!
  • Introduce your child to the nearest police officer so they know who to go to if they become lost
  • Locate the nearest public toilets. (Refer to the route map)
  • Download the Pageant app for iPhone and Android for the full float list, current route map and lots of extra things to do while you wait

Our final tip is to play iSpy! This year we are running an exclusive game for children and families to play whilst they watch the Credit Union Christmas Pageant. Spot 5 characters on our game card on the day and your child could win a spot in next year’s Pageant or $100 into a Beyond Bank Christmas Club Savings Account! Find out more about the iSpy Competition.

Lastly, be safe and have lots of fun! We’ll see you there.