Tips for Moving House

Moving house can be a very stressful time for families – making the decision to relocate, the financial impacts and the effects on the family unit can sometimes remove the fun out of the excitement of a nice new home.

However, there are a number of ways you can take the stress out of moving house for yourself and the family. Here are our top eight tips:

1. Hire a skip
When packing up a house you often cull a large amount of unwanted items. Rather than trying to squeeze it all into your household rubbish bin, consider hiring a skip. This will also save an extra job of having to visited the dump!

2. Pack one room, drawer or cupboard each day
As soon as you know you’re moving aim to clean out one room, drawer or cupboard each day. This will ensure you don’t have a whole house to pack in that last week before settlement.

3. Prepare for the big day!
In the weeks leading up to the move, place packed boxes in your garage or the room closest to the exit so you can easily load them on to your removal truck or trailer.

4. Outsource
Consider using a removalist company to transport your goods and furniture, a cleaner to thoroughly clean your property once it’s vacated and a connection service to disconnect and reconnect your essential services. Outsourcing one or all of these services can significantly reduce your workload during this stressful time and you may be surprised at how affordable it is.

5. Zip it
Use zip lock bags to store the nuts and bolts from furniture and other important items like keys and roller door controls. Make sure you label the bags with permanent marker and sticky tape them to the item or take them with you in the car.

6. Pack survival boxes
In your survival boxes pack everything you and your family will need during the first 24hours from your bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms. Your bathroom box might include towels, toothbrushes and toilet paper whilst the kitchen one could include dishwashing liquid, a frozen meal, clothes, cutlery and tea towels. Keep these boxes handy and transport them in your car to ensure you can access them easily when you arrive.

7. Helping children with the move
If possible, visit or drive past your new home on a regular basis. Park near your new home and walk to the shops or local playground with your children. If this isn’t possible, regularly look at the property on Google earth or print out a floor plan and let them mark up where the furniture will go in their new room. If you can, time your move so that your children are at school or in care and have the house set up as much as possible before they arrive for the first time.

8. Use online shopping
Before you move, order your food shopping online and arrange to have it delivered in the afternoon on the day you move or the next day. Last thing you want to do is head to the shops after a big day of moving house!

Do you have any other tips to add?


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