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5 things I’m quitting this year to get financially fit

We all do it. New Years Eve rolls around and we’re making promises about what’s going to be different this year; promises that we keep halfheartedly.

Well this year, my New Years resolution is to make a plan. To break it down, make it simple. To focus on the small things I can do to achieve my overall goal. So here are the 5 things I’m going to quit this year to get financially fit.

  1. Purchases on a whim. Have something in mind you want to purchase? Think about it for 7 days. If you still want to buy that dress to go to that wedding of some cousin you’ve never met, then go for it. If you can afford it.
  2. Eating out; try eating in! Don’t get caught in the trap of going out each time you catch up with friends or family. Take it in turns eating at each other’s house. The meals will be cheaper and most likely healthier for you too.
  3. Going to the movies. I’m a movie buff it’s true; I’m always heading out to the cinema for a night out. But let’s face it, movies aren’t exactly at the top of my budget priority list, so to save a few dollars I’ll be catching them when they come out on DVD.
  4. Make your morning coffee at home. We all know it’s hard to get up, but think of the savings you could achieve! So push back that alarm by a few minutes and go make that coffee.
  5. Sugar loaded drinks; not only are they bad for you health wise, but they are bad for your budget too. A 300ml bottle of soft drink can set you back as much as $3.30. If you buy a bottle a day (maybe even 2!), that works out to be $23.10 out of your weekly budget. Instead buy a nice, refillable water bottle and drink water. Your budget and body will thank you.

Now you’ve read my list, you should make your own – and don’t forget to comment below. Plan to save, but don’t forget to put your savings towards a goal. I’m putting mine towards my Car Loan [1] – here’s to paying it off early!