Setting SMART Goals

So have you made your New Year’s Resolution; or do you have an idea of what you want to achieve this year? If you are anything like me, you will have a mental list of the things you want to improve on, ranging from your finances to getting fit.

So what is the secret to achieving these goals? Well you need to be SMART.

Specific: you need to set yourself achievable goals. There’s no point saying ‘I want to save more’, as this won’t get you very far. However if you say ‘I want to save $100 by the end of this month’, you will find it easier to stay on track and plan your success.

Measurable: you need to be able to track your success. Not only does this help you stay on track, it’s also a great mood booster when you have reached your goal.

Achievable: you need to have the skill or ability to be able to achieve your goal. There’s no point planning to win the championship if you haven’t played the game before.

Realistic: your goals need to fit in with the overall picture of what you want to achieve this year, your lifestyle and you as a person. It’s unrealistic to suddenly plan to be a completely different person; you need to break down bigger goals into smaller tasks to achieve.

Timely: set yourself a time. Otherwise you’ll most likely approach your goal with the attitude of ‘I’ll do it later’, or ‘in the 2nd half of this year I’ll be awesome’. It just won’t happen.

A recent article in the Women’s Health Magazine highlighted that by sharing your goals with your friends, family and support network, you are more likely to meet your target. In fact, in the example they provided, users who sought social support for weight loss lost 4 times as much weight as those who didn’t. Read the full article here.

In short, don’t be scared to ask those around you for help, and that includes us here at Beyond Bank.

Comment below and tell me what your goals are for 2015!