Cruise ship

Thank goodness I had Travel Insurance

My husband and I recently went on holidays to celebrate my 50th birthday. We flew to Tahiti and then cruised back to Australia via the Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

When we arrived in New Zealand my husband had developed a stomach ache and was feeling very unwell. I took him to the ship’s doctor and she gave him some medication and told him to only eat plain food.

However, my husband didn’t recover and as we set sail for Sydney his pain became worse, in fact he was in so much pain he couldn’t move off the bed.

I rang the ship’s doctor to let her know about my husband’s health decline. He was admitted to intensive care in the ship’s hospital because he had internal bleeding; the pain was now excruciating.

While on board my husband had many blood tests and x-rays, all of which did not produce any clues as to what was going on.

I was advised that my husband might need to be evacuated by helicopter and to get all of the necessary things including paper work ready. Thank goodness in the end that didn’t eventuate. The ship’s medical team were able to manage my husband’s condition until we arrived back in Sydney and disembarked.

Upon arrival an ambulance had been arranged to take us straight to St Vincent’s Hospital. We spent two days there where my husband experienced every test, scan and ultrasound possible and yet they still did not have any answers or a diagnosis.

In the end they gave him some pretty strong antibiotics and miraculously a short time later he made a remarkable recovery. To this day we still don’t know what had happened but he has not had any other medical concerns since.

The medical staff on the cruise ship were fantastic; they were so supportive and very caring towards us.

Thank goodness we organised our travel insurance through Beyond Bank, it was the best investment we have ever made.

The medical bill from the ship was over $10,000 and in addition the insurance covered the cancellation of our flights home, my accommodation while my husband was in hospital and all the taxi fares whilst in Sydney.

After this experience we will NEVER travel anywhere without Travel Insurance. You just don’t realise how vulnerable you are until something like this happens!

Have you ever had any health issues while travelling?