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Rolling up our sleeves because today we are volunteering

Recently, along with my fellow colleagues Shane, Marlaina and Brent, we had the opportunity to volunteer to help one of Beyond Bank’s community partners, CanTeen with a rather daunting task…sort, organise and move years of stored “stuff” from their original storage units and office space, to the brand new storage site.

We worked along side the team at CanTeen who delivered our brief: ‘This is an opportunity to clean out what we no longer need or use and create an organised and accessible system for future use of the units contents”.. sounds easy right?

Thankfully we all left our usual uniform at home and we were wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. And so the sorting began…with so many laughs as we uncovered years of crafts, costumes, games, sporting and camping equipment and more.

It quickly became obvious to us what we needed to keep and toss and what wasn’t required for the future that could be donated. A highlight of my day was a not-for-profit organisation ‘paying it forward’.

It was great to be a part of the day, helping create the crucial space that would assist CanTeen to continue to deliver the exceptional services they provide others.

Volunteering is a terrific opportunity to give back to the community and provide hours of help they may not otherwise get.

It’s also a great way to build a relationship with not-for-profit organisations in your community and learn more about the service and support they offer to those who need it in your community.

Personally, each of us took away a sense of purpose and agree that volunteering is so good for the soul, no matter what the task. You know you are making a difference to others.

Another great way to help a not-for-profit in your community is by opening a Community Reward Account with Beyond Bank and nominate them to receive a bonus payment at the end of each financial year.

Have you volunteered before? Tell us about your experience!


  1. Sue Gourlay

    It is such a great feeling to know that I am banking with a group that encourages people to volunteer in the community.
    I am in my fourth year of volunteering in Vietnam as a TESOL teacher, for kids whose parents can’t afford tutors, and I receive much more than I give. Being a single and senior woman, it is such a joy to turn up at my school and have the young children shouting my name so joyfully and running at full speed to throw their arms around my legs, waist or any part that they can reach.
    I’m fortunate to own my house in South Australia and I rent it out to provide the funds to allow me to do this. I didn’t realise just how well off I am until I came to Saigon and met families that are really struggling financially but are so full of hope for the future of their children.
    If you haven’t thought about volunteering before, look into it and just do it . . . . your life will never be the same!

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