Risk based insurances

Why insurance to protect your income is so important

As we all juggle the financial needs of today against tomorrow, we also need to remind ourselves of the importance of protecting our most valued asset – ourselves and our ability to earn an income.

Taking out life, total and permanent disability and trauma insurance isn’t something any of us want to think about, however sometimes it is needed, and it does play a significant role in ensuring financial peace of mind.

Say you fall sick or have an accident that affects your ability to earn an income, you don’t in a position where the funds you have worked so hard to earn are diminishing, nor do you want your family’s lifestyle to suffer.

Our financial planners get asked a lot about how much cover do you need? Well depends on your age and your family situation.

A good starting point is to take stock of your long-term debts and estimate your annual living expenses. Consider the number of years you may require cover should unfortunate circumstances arise where you need it.

While you can calculate some figures at home, the importance of getting this right often calls for professional and trusted advice.

Our financial advisers are here to help you identify and estimate these costs as accurately as possible so you can be confident that you are not over or under-insured.

The type and amount of insurance needed will depend on your personal financial circumstances and goals, your lifestyle, how many dependants you have and your age. Risk-based insurances are important if we want financial peace of mind.

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