Work experience

Is work experience worth it? My Experience at Beyond Bank

In October 2014 I undertook a 4 day work experience program at Beyond Bank with the marketing team. I spent a week of my holidays going to work rather than spending time with friends, and a few people asked me Why? Beyond Bank gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts on the experience.

Was it worthwhile?
The opportunity to work with the Marketing Team at Beyond Bank has really had a positive impact on my view of the marketing industry and has made me want to be involved with marketing even more. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained through talking to everyone on the team and going to their agencies has really changed my outlook on the industry and makes me even more excited about my future career. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive and I really thank everyone on the team for their involvement. So the short answer to was it worth it is Yes.

What’s involved in Marketing?
Early in the week I met with a range of departments and agencies and learnt about Beyond Bank’s approach to marketing, the research involved, the immense planning, and the execution of projects. It was great to get to see what really goes into marketing behind the scenes – things don’t come together overnight.

There were also things that I didn’t realise were a part of marketing. Studies in the behaviour of relevant demographics broadened my perspective and made me really think more about different advertisements and campaigns and all the work that must have gone into them. I also got to see some of the agency creative process and even the planning stages of campaigns.

What Stood Out
The study involved in finding what appeals to target markets really stood out for me because it was something I’d never really thought of before. Studying how people think, the differences between generations and what appeals to certain demographics was incredibly fascinating and really sparked my interest in the marketing field.

The People
Talking with everyone during the day and helping out with some of the tasks kept me engaged. The conversations I had with everyone were really enjoyable and it was interesting to see the nature of different marketing roles and potential opportunities in the industry.

Will it help me?
I really enjoyed my few days at Beyond Bank and I know this experience is going to help me immensely after I graduate university and start a career in this field. Just from these four days I’ve been completely sold on taking up marketing as a career path and I can’t wait to get started with it. I will definitely remember this experience for the rest of my life and encourage other students who aren’t sure what a potential career in their field of interest could be to do work experience. Whether it is part of your school program, or something you do in your holidays, my experience was invaluable in helping me to decide on what to pursue after high school.