David’s Story – Women’s & Children’s Hospital

I’m relieved to say that my story is not a result of major health scare or injury, rather the support the Women’s and Children’s Hospital offers to regional South Australians.

My youngest son Zayden consistently experiences ear infections as a result of mucus not being able to be cleared from the ear canal when he has a simple cold. This is often very common for young children as the ear canal is quite narrow at this age, restricting the body’s ability to clear the build-up.

By the age of two, Zayden had a procedure where he went under general anaesthetic to insert grommets which are little tubes inserted into the ear drum to allow air into the inner ear canal to dry and clear up the mucus. As my family is based in Whyalla, all our specialist appointments were referred to the WCH in Adelaide.

During the procedure, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital team were extremely helpful and caring to ensure the simplest procedure was a smooth process. Even Zayden’s teddy was “admitted as a patient” and allowed to be with him the whole time.

Although it was a long day, the service that the Women’s and Children’s Hospital provided to my family was honestly invaluable.

I am proud to be part of the team helping to raise awareness of the fundraising Easter Appeal supported by Beyond Bank. I would encourage anyone to help raise the much needed funds to help the Women’s and Children’s Hospital support many other families, like mine.

You can support the Hospital by donating to the TeamKids Beyond Bank Easter Appeal.