Lara’s Story – Women’s and Children’s Hospital

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital have been with us during the darkest and happiest days of our lives.

In early 2014, my partner and I unfortunately lost our first daughter due to significant fetal abnormality. But this year, we are happy to say the Women’s and Children’s Hospital were with us again for the birth of our second daughter.

It’s because of the unwavering support and services of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, especially the Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit, who have truly gone above and beyond our expectation, that we were able to find the strength to try for another child and realise our dream of having our own family.

Together we never gave up the fight and words cannot express how thankful we are to them.

I believe that children’s hospitals are the foundation to our future and nothing great is built on a weak foundation. To be able to provide our future with the very best care it is critical that not only do we build a strong foundation, as the Women’s and Children’s Hospital has done, but that we are able to continually reinforce it.

Alone the Women’s and Children’s Hospital cannot fund the equipment, support services, better facilities and leading research needed by our communities; but together we can.

To anyone considering supporting the Easter Appeal, I would encourage you to get behind Beyond Bank in raising the much needed funds which will help not only maintain a strong foundation for our future, but touch so many deserving families.

You can support the Hospital by donating to the TeamKids Beyond Bank Easter Appeal.


  1. Vicky Roberts

    Hi Lara, thank you for sharing your story and the beautfiul photo of your gorgeous little girl 🙂 It is so wonderful to hear the support and care of the WCH helped you and no doubt many other South Australians, we sure are lucky to have these services.

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