Building Inspection Report with Pen and Keys

Pre-purchase Building Inspections

Houses on the market have usually been prepared to look their best for sale. As a result any faults are often not easily seen.

It takes a trained eye to judge whether a house is sound or has hidden faults; whether it has any illegal extensions or repair work; and what may be needed to correct a fault.

A pre-purchase building inspection examines the whole building objectively for structural soundness and the condition of services and fittings. The professional carrying out the inspection will produce a written report for you covering areas such as:

  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Condition of windows and doors
  • Presence of salt damp
  • Foundation settlement including previously concealed problems such as cracks in walls
  • The likely cause of any faults and appropriate remedial measures including cost guidance.

A pre-purchase inspection can give you peace of mind and help you to make an informed decision about the condition of a house.


  1. Glen Hutchinson

    Sound advice. Undertaken appropriate Pre purchase building and pest inspections in line with the Australian Standard is vital regardless of age or condition of the proposed property purchase.

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