Painting home

Preparing Your Home for Sale

As the saying goes – “first impressions count.” When putting your home on the market and preparing your home for sale, it’s important to make it as attractive as possible and to create a favourable first impression. Rather than leaving everything to the last couple of weeks, if you can, plan a few months ahead.

These are a few things you may want to consider:

  • General maintenance – Fix any leaking taps or toilet cisterns. Repair damaged light switches, power points or exposed wiring.
  • Re-paint – Colours should be as light as possible. Strong colours make rooms appear smaller.
  • Gutters and roof – Remove debris from gutters and repair or re-paint if necessary.
  • Carpets – A good clean by a reputable firm will improve the appearance of most carpets.
  • Sheds and garages – Tidy up and remove clutter. Hold a garage sale to dispose of unwanted items.
  • Fencing – Repair any broken fences. Use trellis to improve privacy or hide utility areas.
  • Driveways and paths – Sweep clean, remove any weeds or oil stains.
  • Gardens – Well watered and fertilised lawns add value to any property. Plant annuals to create a colourful flower display.
  • Windows – Keep window glass as clean as possible. Use a couple of drops of methylated spirits in warm water and dry with newspaper to prevent streaking.
  • Lighting – Dark houses are uninviting. Replace blown light globes. Open the curtains and turn on the lights before an inspection.
  • Odours – Use pot pourri and partly open windows to enhance freshness.
  • Special touches – Fresh flowers on the table, a jar of biscuits in the kitchen, a few drops of vanilla essence in a warm oven and a pot of freshly brewed coffee can create a homely atmosphere.

What other tips do you have?