Lachlan & Dr Crafter

Vicki’s Story – Women’s and Children’s Hospital

In 2007, my 12 year old son Lachlan was admitted to Lyell McEwin Hospital with suspicious conditions and was soon transferred by ambulance to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Within five days, Lachlan was diagnosed with having a kidney disease which he was soon treated for and had a biopsy done.

In the first six months, Lachlan had another two hospital visits, biopsy and weekly appointments, which continued into his teen years with further ongoing treatments, appointments, trial medication and experimental infusion treatments.

At the age of 18, Lachlan was no longer able to attend the hospital and was referred onto the Royal Adelaide Hospital. We all found it quite difficult leaving as we had developed such a strong relationship with our doctor, Dr Crafter (pictured with Lachlan).

Lachlan will need to continue to be on medication for the rest of his life and will most likely need a kidney transplant as well.

I just wanted to let anyone interested in supporting the TeamKids Beyond Bank Easter Appeal know that the Women’s and Children’s Hospital did some amazing things for my family.

I have the greatest respect, thanks and admiration for everything the Women’s and Children’s Hospital did for Lachlan, and for all of the help, support and understanding they gave me.

I am honestly so proud to work for an organisation that will support the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, which has helped me and my family so much over the years.

You can support the Hospital by donating to the TeamKids Beyond Bank Easter Appeal.