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How does a new Internet Banking release happen?

At Beyond Bank, we have been working on a new release of our Internet Banking service and we thought it might be a good to give you an idea of how this type of project takes place.

Initially, we look at the options available in the market and choose an organisation to partner with. Once we have picked one, we work with a team of designers, developers and project managers to ensure that all of our requirements are met. We also do research, ranging from face to face interviews and surveys and we look at the most used features and pain points in our current version of Internet Banking. This forms the basis of what we look to build.

We then receive the designs for the new application and run through them looking for anything that might have been missed, or could be improved, before we receive the first release of the software. Once that’s happened, we start testing. We test on a number of devices, including various mobiles, tablets, and browser and operating system combinations. Generally, during the first phases of testing, we uncover a number of defects or bugs (things that don’t work, or don’t work as we would expect them to). We feed the details of these defects back to our developers, who produce and release fixes, and we test again.

This continues until we are happy that the software is working and ready for release. Whilst we may never get to the perfect solution, our focus is on delivering an experience that is better than the current one. Some ideas don’t make the final version for various reasons, but these are not lost; they form the basis for the next build.

With our latest Internet Banking release, we have also gone out to a staff pilot. This has allowed us to release the software to our staff, prior to releasing it to our members, giving us even more time to iron out any bugs that may have been missed. Now that it is live, our members have the option to use our current Internet Banking, or our new Internet Banking. It looks different (pretty cool, I think!) and might take a bit of getting used to, but I’m sure that in the long term, you’ll learn to love it as much as we do.

This is the first stage of development and there will be new features coming soon. Watch our short video to see the new design and features.

Let us know your thoughts and feedback!



  1. RHW

    Smart, neat easy to use, thank you Beyond Bank. Like larger typeface and lay out in general.
    Would like to see actual balance and available balance as before. Have I missed it somewhere?

  2. Beyond Bank

    Thanks for the feedback! Your actual balance is displayed first in the large font and then underneath that it has ‘Current’ and that it is your available balance. Hope that helps! ^Aimee

  3. Hugh Parker

    I find the new software easy to use, and having tried out all the functions, cant’ fault it.
    It is an excellent development, and lives up to the expectations I expect from Beyond Bank.

    Congratulations on a great product.

    One query. Will it be compatible with Windows 10 and the new Microsoft Browser due out in July?

  4. Beyond Bank

    @Hugh Parker
    We test our web applications on a range of browsers, operating systems and devices, and we review the list of test devices on a regular basis. Once Windows 10 is released, we will look at adding it to our testing device pool – We are also working on publishing a list of supported devices and browsers. Should you ever find you have an issue with a particular device/browser/os please let us know though, that way we can attempt to replicate it and get it resolved!

  5. HLT

    Can’t believe you still haven’t addressed the issue that we know longer have a running balance available to us. Being a bank I would’ve thought you’d know the importance of controlling your finances! Pretty is not better. I don’t care how pretty it is, I just want a functional page. Without a running balance, my bookwork time takes longer, time I don’t have. Funny how all your displayed feed back is delightfully positive….. the facebook page is a whole different matter! Please fix this. I for one, am so frustrated I’m considering moving banks in protest.

  6. Beyond Bank

    @HLT Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, I’m very sorry to hear you aren’t happy with the new Internet Banking. Our Digital team have advised they are currently looking into all of the feedback we’ve received including the possibility of having a running balance again. We are always happy to receive feedback from our members, so if you have anything further to discuss be sure to get in touch with us at ^Jes

  7. N Bradley

    Please leave your old banking site up permanently or until you have addressed the usability issues. Pretty does not equate to useful or use-able. The old site was not broken so why the…… did you feel the need to fix it. You would have been better developing a version specifically for tablets & phones leaving the old site for normal computer use.

    As it is you are about to saddle us all with a product that suits neither.

    Wasted screen real-estate & the information you actually need hidden amongst tons of unneeded junk or just not there. As a former IT professional & a foundation member I am not looking forward to changing banks but as things stand thats what I will be doing on the 16th.

  8. Beyond Bank

    Hi N Bradley, our IT department are currently reviewing feedback about the new system and are working on addressing some of the main issues prior to the old Internet Banking cut off date of 15th June 2015. Our original cut off date was 1st June, however; due to the amount of feedback, we extended this date to 15th June so we could make more changes prior to deleting the old system. The old site was becoming obsolete with all the technology updates available and therefore a new system was required. I hope you find the ‘updated’ new site better once all the main issues have been addressed and changes have occurred. You will see some of these changes prior to 15th June. ^Donna

  9. P Edwards

    On the current site for transactions there are separate columns for debits, credits and running balance which makes it much easier than the new format to easily distinguish what amounts are paid and what is received. This is extremely useful for quickly scanning for types of transactions. The new format is a clutter and for someone with poor eyesight this will cause me additional problems. The colour difference is barely distinguishable and the minus signs, for me, are difficult to see Also on the subject of being difficult to read, the banner with light and dark purple is almost impossible for me to read. I have had no difficulty reading anything on the old site.

  10. Roger Montgomery

    Awful. The silly “pay anyone: option presumes we don’t know that means transfer to another institution or person. Thanks for that insult to your members intelligence. Nothing like aiming for the lowest common denominator. Then the actual page shows less information making occasional payments something you have to look up on the old site to make your payments.

    For business uses it is atrocious, Of course the “new” system is a vast improvement (NO IT ISN’T) it is a change by some “stylist” that has been sold as some image enhancement. Here’s a thought, if the system worked why foist this nonsense on us? Did we get any choice in the matter or is this part of the new banking mentality?

  11. Neil Lynch

    Similar to N. Bradley, I have raised several issues about the reduced usability in the new system and a data migration that didn’t work. Aside from the “we have noted your issues” I have received no further information including relating to incorrect (in some cases 10 year old), and missing, data now on my account.

    I would have thought the interface issues would be addressed and that removing access to the existing system could not occur in a professional IT department.

  12. MCC Social Media

    Hi P Edwards, thank you for your feedback, I have passed this on to our Digital Innovations team who will review the colours and font sizes on our site for future releases. After similar feedback to yours, we have decided to change the transaction listing to include a running balance, with full dates displayed instead of the titles of ‘Today’ ‘Yesterday’ etc. now being displayed. The new transaction listing will come into affect on the 15/06/2015. ^Hannah

  13. MCC Social Media

    Hi Roger, the decision to change the wording on the new website was to clear up any confusion that some members have experienced in the past. We decided to make the ‘Pay Members’ and ‘Pay Anyone’ options separately as transfers between members is immediate and transfers to another financial institution can take up to 48 business hours to be received. Your past favourites list should now appear on the right hand side of your screen and is now separated depending on the payee destination. The list is now in alphabetical order based on the transfer description used previously.
    The old Internet Banking will be closed off on the 15/06/2015, and you will need to use the new site from this date onwards. To assist our members through the changes we have created user guides, for our everyday users and business customers. You can view these guides by following the below link: ^Hannah

  14. MCC Social Media

    Hi Neil, I can confirm that there should be no data missing with the upgrade of the Internet Banking site. If you believe that data is missing, could you please send further details of this to out IT Department to and they will investigate this further for you. ^Hannah

  15. Pauline

    I dislike the new system. My husband “hates” the new system. It is hard to negotiate. All I want to see are the balances of my 5 accounts and then easily transfer money, etc.
    What “bright IT spark” came up with this? And, what about the wording “pay members” and “pay anyone”? Wow, how clever is that!! I suppose it took a team of experts to come up with that one. I agree with HLT – pretty is not better. Not Happy, Jan. PS I am a Gold Member – but maybe a member for not much longer. Bring back easy.

  16. Andrew H

    Dear Beyond “Bank” Board, Its difficult to know where to start in relation to your so called improved internet banking site, in short its total rubbish. The latest attempt to cover up the monumental failures of those involved in this nightmare site is so condescending, insulting and misleading its not funny. I have been involved in the professional design, implementation and delivery of projects of this nature and I can tell you, you are way of the mark and who ever came up with the design brief needs to be be sacked. There are way to many errors and problems with this “new” and very useless internet banking site to list here. I did however go to the trouble several weeks ago of listing some of them when I contacted customer complaints, however judging but your latest propaganda / marketing spin email, you have chosen to ignore the overwhelming views and wishes of your customer Members, thats right people who have voting rights and who will likely wish to raises serious questions at the next board meeting, starting with this utterly ridiculous and completely botched project. Its so sad that who ever is driving this organisation is steering it right off the cliff. You have completely ignored the members who put their money in your hands. I suspect the only positive comments posted here in favour of the internet banking changes are coming from those who where involved with completely stuffing it up.
    Very un-happy member (not alone).

  17. Beyond Bank

    Dear Andrew

    We appreciate you taking the time to contact Beyond Bank Australia and we value your comments and feedback about our new Internet Banking page.

    Beyond Bank developed a new Internet Banking to a new platform that will allow customers now using many different devices when banking online; such as the continuous increase in use of tablets and smartphones. We have focussed on providing a consistent experience across all devices. The new site is designed to work just as well on any device that a customer may want to use. With 40% of customers accessing the Internet Banking service via a smartphone or tablet, and our understanding that the trend towards mobile access will continue into the future, it is important that we provide customers with a consistent experience.

    We have already implemented changes based on customer feedback & will be continuing to introduce new features and improvements over the coming months.

    Your feedback has been recorded and will be reviewed by our Internet Banking team. If you would like to discuss this further then please contact us on 13 25 85.

    Kind Regards

  18. Beyond Bank

    Hi Julie, you can certainly change your account names. Simply send us a Secure Message from within your Internet Banking with your request, or call us on 13 25 85. Alternatively, you can visit one of our branches. ^Julia

  19. Stephen

    Unfortunately I need to join the chorus and express my dissatisfaction with the new site. I apologize for the lengthy comment but I thought I should explain all the issues I see. I have also taken the very brief survey and tried to express this there.

    The biggest step backwards in usability is that transaction history no longer has separate columns for credit and debit, making it very difficult to parse quickly. Also, you are no longer able to get the most recent transaction history for an account quickly by hovering over it in the account balances screen, you need to click something to access it, the icon for which is uninformative (without trying each, how do you immediately know that clicking on the dots gives the quick summary and clicking on the rest of the huge purple rectangle goes to the transaction history page? A downward arrow would make more sense).

    The top menu is also very annoying. It takes up a lot of space for little benefit due to the large icons on everything, with the text size small in comparison. There are now multiple clicks to get to everything on the top menu, with the second layer and it’s icons taking up further space. One example is going “Accounts” then “Account Balances” just to get back to main accounts screen. Similarly, separating “Transfer”, “Pay Member” and “Pay Anyone” into separate pages makes it 2 clicks and a second layer of menu, as well as being needless duplication. This second layer of menu also disappears quickly so if you have to think for a second about which you now need to click, or are distracted, suddenly you need to move your mouse and click yet again. The two separate layers also have inconsistent UI – the top layer shades as you hover over each huge icon, but the bottom doesn’t. The “Settings” icon has another “Settings” icon in it’s second menu layer – which goes to the secure SMS page – surely it would make more sense to label this as such.

    The right hand column takes up a lot of space for very little useful information. The “Last Transactions” section is cluttered and difficult to read, and is nowhere near as useful as the most recent transaction history that used to be available quickly for each account. The “Secure Mailbox” feature seems of minimal benefit to most members as compared to it’s now prominent position on every page.

    The only clear positive I have is putting “Uncleared Funds” in the transaction history rather than on a separate page.

    I also regularly do online banking with Westpac, and previously I found their site horrible to deal with compared to the old Beyond Bank site. Coincidentally, they have also just overhauled their site, which has improved their usability and clutter somewhat. While not as nice as the old Beyond Bank site, it is now much better than the new site with it’s huge leap backwards. Overall I am very disappointed with the change, and if it doesn’t improve any I may need to reconsider which institution I use more frequently.

  20. Beyond Bank

    Hi Stephen – I am sorry you do not currently like the new system. I have logged your feedback in our database, which is viewed by senior management and the digital team who are responsible for any future upgrades. Our digital team is reading all responses and still working on some changes to improve the new system from the feedback provided.
    The reason we now use the ‘3 dots’ instead of the ‘mouse hover’ for the last 10 transaction is so our members can view this function on any device even when a mouse is not available.
    Another function that you may not realise, is to view your balances after viewing other pages you can click the ‘Beyond Bank logo’ beside ‘Accounts’ and this will take you back to your home page where the balances are displayed.
    If you would like a consultant to go through the new system with you, please visit your local branch and they will be happy to assist you.
    I hope you find this site more convenient in the near future when our digital team have made all there final improvements ^Donna

  21. Janet Glumart

    Well, now I cannot access my accounts at all – all I get is a blank screen! I have an old computer (10yrs), but it works very werll thankyou, until now. As a 68 year old pensioner I am not in a position to go out and buy a new computer just like that, so now haver no idea as to how much money I have or the ability to transfer from one account to another as I have absolutely no access! As I also live in Queensland I also have no access to any physical locations – so now what do I do? I am a lifetime member – but something tells me that will have to change very soon. Thank you very much for not considering those of us who are not loaded with heaps of spare cash or up with all the latest in techno smarts!

  22. Beyond Bank

    Hi Janet, I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to log on to our new Internet Banking site. As you are experiencing a blank screen it could be due to the version of Internet Explorer that you are using. Our new site does not support Internet Explorer version 8 as Microsoft recently discontinued their support of this version, therefore it leaves users exposed to potential security risks such as malware and viruses. We recommend using an alternative browser, or downloading the latest version of Internet Explorer from Microsoft here: If you would like one of our consultants to give you a call to assist, please send your contact details to Alternatively, you can call us on 13 25 85. ^Hannah

  23. Graham

    I too must add to the howls of protest at your ‘new improved’ website. I hate it. I can’t find one feature which works better on the new one and I can list more than a few good features of the old website which have disappeared.

    Try this one for size: it is no longer possible to copy BSB or account number into the required fields when doing a Pay Anyone transaction. This used to work, just like copy and paste works almost everywhere on every website where data is to be entered – but on your ‘new improved’ website it doesn’t. So where I used to be able to copy a BSB and an account number to do a transaction, now I can’t. Copying is quick and simple and error free – but now it doesn’t work so I have to retype the 6 digit BSB and usually 9 digit account number on your website, greatly increasing the change of a mistake. One mistake here could send the money to a totally different destination account and I can imagine the pain of trying to recover the funds.

    Now while I can’t copy and paste critical account details, I can copy and paste the email address of the recipient of the funds! Yes, it’s true. Copy and paste works for this field but not for BSB or account number right there above one another on the same page. It is incomprehensible that copy/paste should work in some fields but not others right there on the same page. I am dumbfounded.

    BTW I have used the websites of many financial organisations and I would rate your old website as ‘functional and OK’, about average compared with others, but your new website is the worst I have ever used. And please don’t give me that excuse that you are standardising across PC versus smartphone versus tablet – your website knows what the user device is so don’t deny us users on computers important features just because you can’t do them on a smartphone.

    If the Beyond Bank is serious about addressing the huge amount of negative feedback about this ‘new improved’ website, rather than feed us all the marketting blather telling us how much trouble you went to, then how about publishing a list of the faults/deficiencies reported, their priority, and the estimated date that they will be fixed? Shutting down the old website with so many serious problems in the new one is inexcusable but if you want to keep a bit of credibility with us greatly annoyed customers you might as well give us some hope that things will be fixed, and when they will be fixed. Otherwise the dust you see is the stampede of disgruntled people heading out the door.

    Be warned: I have closed accounts and left financial organisations before due to stuffups like this – I will do so again if I have to. And that’s after 25 years with what was the CPS Credit Union … and now Beyond Bank.

  24. Beyond Bank

    Hi Graham, thanks for your feedback. We are aware of an issue relating to the BSB and account number fields where input validation is being used to ensure that only numbers are entered. This has caused a problem on Windows computers where it does not allow the keyboard shortcut ctrl-V to paste in the field. However it does allow a right mouse click/paste. We can confirm this affects Windows devices only, and does not affect Mac devices or touch device paste functions. We are investigating the issue and hope to provide a resolution in a future build. As we have a timeline for the release of fixes for other issues, we will let customers know. If you have any further feedback, we are currently running a survey on our website here: ^Aimee

  25. Erich Block

    I have been trying access internet banking all day without any joy. Keep getting “This page cannot be displayed”. Connection diagnosis tells me that your server has timed out. Rang 132585 who confirmed they had received a few phone calls about the issue but they didn’t know what is going on.

    I have read the negative feedback above and I can understand the many frustrations and I sort of share the “why fix what is not broken” approach. Sometimes it is smarter to develop specialized apps for smartphones and tablets than to put all your eggs in the one basket. That way there would be some built-in redundancy for customers. If the PC access doesn’t work, I might have been able to access internet banking via my tablet.

    I have a couple of suggestions:
    1. Use some of the vacant screen real estate to update customers about outages so we are not treated like mushrooms.
    2. Beyond Bank & your IT team needs to consider fallback strategies for situations like this. It is not acceptable that we cannot access our accounts for so long without explanation or even an apology via email.
    3. Your web design team and testing team need to be spoken to in a most severe manner.

    Having said that, I think CPS under any name it uses is a pretty good organisation and I am unlikely to leave over a few “teething problems”. I am, however, pretty ticked off over the no access issue.

  26. Erich Block

    A follow-up to my previous comments. I live in Canberra. I asked my daughter in Queensland to log onto her account with Beyond Bank. She had instant success. I attempted to log onto my account and again failed. I then tried to log onto my account again but this time via a VPN using a Sydney IP address. I got instant access to Internet Banking. Although I now think I was probably a little harsh in some of my earlier comments, this is a very strange issue which needs to be investigated.

  27. Beyond Bank

    Hi Erich,

    Thank you very much for your feedback. I have passed your comments onto our Web Design and Testing Teams.

    Our IT Department were advised yesterday that one of the larger Internet Service Providers was experiencing intermittent issues yesterday and this did affect some of our members.

    We do have a separate app for smartphones and iPad which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. This is a separate platform as you’ve mentioned.

    If there’s anything else we can do to help you accessing your account please do not hesitate to get in touch.


  28. Erich Block

    Thanks for your response Jessica.

    By way of update, I still am unable to connect to Beyond Bank online banking web page, but that is as a result of my ISP experiencing connectivity issues with a small number of sites, being one of them. I still can connect via VPN and tablet so now that I know what the problem is, I am not at all exercised by the situation.

  29. Beyond Bank

    Hi Erich,

    You’re welcome. Hopefully your ISP is able to rectify this soon. I’m glad you have a workaround available to you.

    I hope you have a great weekend.


  30. Grant Austin

    ? Manager West Lakes Branch
    ? Beyond Bank Security
    ? Beyond Bank Digital ‘Team’
    ? General Manager

    Since I can only find this general email address, I will have to rely on who ever has taken charge of this email, to forward it to the above people / departments.

    This is now the third time I have spoken about the problem I am about to write.
    So far, despite the bank’s assertion that the new changes to the on-line interface will speed up customer enquires, I have been sadly disappointed and ignored.

    My complaint – so far ignored – is that the Payee who has been receiving an email when the transfer is done up to the change-over,
    no longer receives an email since the change-over.
    Of course the obvious first question you would ask is, ‘did you tick the box’?
    what about ‘did you put in the correct email address’?
    Well the answer is YES!!
    I have done nothing different and yet your ridiculous new system took my email entry and CHANGED IT so that the first letters in each word became CAPITALS!
    This occurs after the transaction is submitted.

    Of course, judging by the appalling mess they made in redesigning a perfectly working system, I don’t expect the person(s) responsible would likely understand
    that email addresses are case sensitive and they are probably at the point of reading this, declaring that this can’t be right.

    Well if I am not right, tell me why the problem is occurring and perhaps you could make a point of informing no doubt hundreds of your customers who did not
    know that their Payees were not getting an email either why this has happened!
    If you don’t do that, then perhaps I can advise then through Facebook – that should piss off a few people, particularly those who like me think the whole deal is crap!

    I am disgusted with the change for no good reason and hate it..
    Now I find you have been deceiving me with this pathetic coding error.

    Finally, why change what was not broken??
    Change for its own sake provokes scepticism. Why inflict pain and annoyance if you don’t have to?

    I hope to see the problem fixed.

    Grant Austin

  31. Beyond Bank

    Hi Grant, apologies for the delay in responding while I investigated the issue. I can assure you that your complaint has not been ignored and our IT department have a fix in testing to resolve the issue. Fixes such as these need to be thoroughly tested before we can release them to customers.

    The issue relating to the email notifications has been identified. The issue has two effects:
    – Where the customer does not have their own email address entered into the notifications field (under the Services/Notifications menu) the emails are not being generated. This can be worked around by entering a valid email address in this field
    – When entering an email address for a third party, the first letters on the address & domain are being capitalised. This does not prevent the email being sent, but a small number of email recipients may not recognise the address due to the capitalisation.

    Both issues have been identified and a fix is currently being tested. We hope that the fix, once approved, will be available by mid August.

    Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue. ^Aimee

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