Balga High

Innovation Day at Balga Senior High School

As the state Marketing Coordinator for Beyond Bank I had the opportunity to attend an innovation day at Balga Senior High School with our WA state Manager Michelle Coelho. The day was organised and held by Ausum Initiatives, a NFP who promotes a program that introduces students to entrepreneurship in Australia.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) is a specific program that inspires young people from low income communities to stay in school, recognise business opportunities and plan for successful futures. Beyond Bank proudly supports NFTE by assisting in educating and supporting their financial education and growth.

Michelle Coelho and I had the great job of interacting with the 10 different groups of students in year 10 who had come together to learn about creating a business out of a food cart. My role at Beyond Bank is about brand and how to market it in the community, so I really enjoyed sharing my ideas and try to help them understand the fundamentals around how to promote their idea and to think about their customer and where they would position themselves to sell their product.

Michelle talked to them about cost price and the financial aspect of business. All groups worked with the marketing 4 P’s of product, price, place and promotion when creating and discussing their ideas.

The kids came up with some fantastic ideas; for example a fruit salad pizza (which won first prize for most innovative business) promoting a healthy option at sporting events and school carnivals and also providing gluten free alternatives.

The fantastic creative collaboration within the teams was wonderful to see!