Andamooka Yacht Club

Innovative idea wins Andamooka Yacht Club (AYC) grant

Andamooka Yacht Club (AYC) has been selected as the inaugural South Australian northern region grant recipient of the Beyond Bank Community Entrepreneur Program .

The Community Entrepreneur Program rewards entrepreneurs and start-ups with grants and access to support networks to help them realise their dreams and promote local economic development. Grants will be on offer twice a year for people and businesses committed to benefiting their community.

AYC was unveiled as the winning Northern Region, SA applicant in the first round of the program at an awards ceremony and networking event held in Whyalla on Monday, 20 April 2015.

Andamooka Yacht Club, so named as an ironic play on the town’s outback location, will house a café, gallery and tourist information. The brainchild of 25-year-olds Kurt Jury and Matilda Moylan-Blaikie, AYC will be designed as a community social centre, a draw for visitors to the region, and a promoter of local craftsmen.

An online presence will enable Andamooka Yacht Club to raise awareness of the region and attract tourists as well as sell local opal jewellery to a wider market.

“A key criteria of the Community Entrepreneur Program is for applications to demonstrate how they will give back to the local community,” Beyond Bank Chief Executive, Robert Keogh said.

“Andamooka Yacht Club managers, Kurt and Matilda, are very passionate about their role in reviving Andamooka through an insurgence of youth and energy. They both have family in the region.

“They intend for AYC to provide a place locals can meet and have a good time. It will support local tourism through the distribution of beautifully designed map guides which will help visitors explore the amazing outback that surrounds the town. In addition, it will honour the region’s opal mining history and industry by connecting miners with buyers in other cities and displaying and selling opal jewellery made by local artisans.

“We hope the funding and support provided through our Community Entrepreneur Program helps the Yacht Club achieve all its dreams.”

The $14,585 Andamooka Yacht Club will receive through the Community Entrepreneur Program . will help in the initial set-up of all stages of its business plan including the café/community hub, printed map guides, and displays in the opal jewellery gallery.