Daniel & Isobel

Sharon’s Story – Women’s and Children’s Hospital

My story with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital began in 2011 where I found a huge growth under the jaw of my beautiful two year old daughter, Isobel.

After spending time in the emergency department and attending consultations, the wonderful team of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital operated and removed a cluster of lymph nodes from her neck.

What was such a frightening experience really was made much easier due to the unwavering support of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital team, especially the surgical team who not only looked after Isobel, but myself as well.

This was not the first time my family had spent time at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital with Isobel as she was also born with a hole in her heart. Thankfully it didn’t require treatment, but the wonderful heart specialists at WCH monitored her for three years until the hole healed itself.

I’m proud to say that Isobel is fully recovered and that I have two beautiful and healthy children.

I feel proud to work for a business that gives so much back to the community. I really hope to see that the Appeal will raise much more than the targeted $1 million for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

I just want to encourage anyone to support the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, as I and many other families know firsthand the vital work that WCH does.

You can support the Hospital by donating to the TeamKids Beyond Bank Easter Appeal.