Majoran is the recipient of the Community Entrepreneur Grant in Adelaide

High tech startup business, Majoran is the recipient of Beyond Bank’s inaugural Community Entrepreneur Program in Adelaide.

Peter Rutter, Beyond Bank’s General Manager of Community Development said that while the Bank was overwhelmed with both the quantity and the quality of applications, Majoran was a clear winner.

“We were really impressed at Majoran’s commitment to using good business skills as a foundation for it to expand and grow.

“Majoran is a great example of a fledgling enterprise that just needs that bit of extra financial support to get off the ground.

“Plus it has that grass roots link to the community that is at the very heart of what our programme is all about.”

Majoran will use its $20,000 grant to expand services for the 100 freelancers who use its Grenfell St space to work and collaborate with other members.

Since opening two and a half years ago, it has tapped into a rich vein of local high-tech talent who all pay a regular fee to use Majoran facilities.

“It’s a business that is a fantastic fit for us as it shares our core philosophy of working within and for the local community,” said Mr Rutter.

“We look forward to charting the success of Majoran and we think there are many exciting things ahead.”