Mutual of the Year Award

Welcome to the “Mutual of the Year”

We are pleased to announce that Beyond Bank Australia has been named Australia’s Mutual of the Year by Asia-Pacific Banking+Finance (AB+F).

The award is a wonderful tribute to both our staff and our customers and is widely regarded as the industry’s premier retail financial accolade.

A major factor in us winning this award related to our ability to quantify the return value we provide back to our customers, our levels of customer satisfaction and our strength and innovation within the Community sector.

Beyond Bank is extremely proud to be a customer-owned mutual bank and has worked hard to ensure that our links to the local community stay strong.

Customers have been shown to be more than $31.8m per year better off by banking with Beyond Bank than they would have been with the four major banks. That’s an amazing $162 per customer.

Mutuals have become an increasingly important feature in the retail banking sector in Australia over the last few years.

In recognising this trend, the AB+F established a set of key criteria for the award nominees to be assessed against, including the demonstration of a sense of community while also delivering sound financials and a comprehensive range of products and services.

Beyond Bank won the Best Mutual award jointly with CUA, after being selected from a total of ten submissions for the category award.

A huge thank you to our staff and customers.



  1. Dorwin Manzano

    I am amazed and excited beyond words can expressed

    Congratulations Beyond Banks!!

    You have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that Beyond Banks is the better way to bank

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